The zoo is located on the territory of the Rosa Khutor resort, at an altitude of 1170 meters above sea level, in the mountain Olympic village. It is home to a wide variety of representatives of the animal world: common raccoon, Indian porcupine, goats, decorative rabbits, Altai squirrel, raccoon-like dog. The zoo also has a small artificial pond with exotic plants and koi carps.

The main function of the contact zoo is pet therapy. This is a method of treating patients by communicating with pets: this kind of prevention therapy is recommended for children with problems of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

In a contact zoo, you can give food, fondle, and take photos with animals, but there are a number of restrictions. It is not allowed to feed the pets with the food visitors may bring from the outside, frighten, tease and injure them, as well as take photos with a flash. As well as that, it is not allowed to throw any objects inside theanimals’ enclosures and visit the zoo with the tourists’ own pets.

The zoo is open daily from 10:00 to 18:30.
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