Sochi Dolphinarium Riviera has the largest auditorium in our country. It is designed to provide seats for 1 300 people. The size of the pool is 35 by 15 meters, its depth is 6.4 meters. For all animals including 3 dolphins, 2 seals and a baby sea lion – the conditions are maintained as close to the natural ones as possible. Life in the Dolphinarium is a rebirth for most dolphins, as they were all rescued in the Pacific ocean off the coast of Japan from fishing nets. In addition, marine mammals are involved in therapeutic treatment.

The territory of the complex fully meets the requirements of a barrier-free environment. The Dolphinarium has wicket tabs for the weak-sighted visitors. For wheelchair users, there is a separate entrance with a ramp that runs directly to the spectator stands. For disabled citizens at the main entrance there is a special elevator designed for short stature visitors.

Among the main tasks of the Dolphinarium there is popularization of knowledge about marine mammals, promotion of conservation ideas. The creation of this complex is one of the measures to protect and preserve endangered and declining populations of marine mammals.

Dolphin therapy sessions are held in the Dolphinarium, which is an effective method of drug-free rehabilitation and rehabilitation of children with functional disabilities.

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