Welcome to the magical world of Sochi Park – the first theme Park, the concept of which is based on the rich cultural and historical heritage of Russia! A single ticket will allow you to go on an incredible adventure in the company of the characters of your favorite Russian fairy tales and ride any rides an unlimited number of times. Take a fascinating journey through the six thematic lands of Sochi Park with the whole family and remember this day forever!

Sochi Park consists of six lands where fairy tale lives and adventures rule. Start your journey with the entrance Alley of lights, imbued with the spirit of Russian fairs, make a Quantum Leap on the fastest and highest in Russia extreme hill, located in the Land of Science and Fiction.

And after that, on the wings of the fabulous Firebird – the most exciting free fall attraction in Russia – fly to the Enchanted forest, to meet the Zmey Gorynych (Dragon) and the magic heroes of Pushkin's fairy tales. And if during this exciting adventure you get a little tired - visit an oasis of peace and quiet, which is ECO-village.

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