The largest all-year-round spa and entertainment complex in Sochi AQUALOO has united the famous water park, a comfortable recreational compound and a modern sanatorium. 

AQUALOO recreational compound 

Thanks to its unique structure, the recreational compound is able to provide guests with almost any type of recreation, if it is a traditional beach holiday in Sochi for those who like to bask in the gentle southern sun, swim in the warm black sea, breathe the clean air of the forest, sea, and mountains. 

The recreational compound is an ideal place for a holiday of a family with children in Sochi. It is so useful to bring a child to the South, to strengthenhis health, build up his immunity, expand his horizons and introduce him to new impressions. However, parents will also be able to escape from everyday life and routine. 

The children's play club will welcome your children, and while the children will be busy with fun educational games with teachers, parents will be able to go out together. 

Newlyweds often come to AQUALOO to have a wedding, and after that - to spend an unforgettable honeymoon on the Black Sea. 

People of business and science appreciate the potential of AQUALOO in organizing congresses, conferences, seminars, negotiations or exhibitions. 

Numerous bars, cafes and restaurants are open to connoisseurs of food. It is noteworthy that a rich and varied buffet is already included in the price of the basic voucher for a holiday at AQUALOO recreation compound. 

Lovers of entertainment and active recreation will be able to attend various amusing attractions, show programs, a night club, discos, a bowling, a sports complex, excursions,hiking facilities... and, of course, everyone's favorite water park. 


The water park means movement and there is a lot of drive in it. You will be delighted with the exciting water activities that await you in our unique water entertainment complex. AQUALOO AquaPark invites you to experience numerous entertainments and plunge into the sea of pleasure all year round! Its dizzyingspeed slides are open for you! 

For children, the water park has special pools and fun rides that will give your kids happy moments to be remembered through a lifetime. Vivid memories of a splendid holiday in Sochi will never fade! 

AQUALOO Sanatorium 

The sanatorium preserves and improves the best traditions of resort medicine. Together with the FMBA, unique wellness programs have been developed that provide the combination of sanatorium resort therapy rehabilitation programs with maximum comfort. 

The secret of the ability to achieve the main goal that is to restore human health lies in concordant combining the favorable climatic and natural factors with effective modern therapy and spa methods. 

So far, this is only a brief summing-up of the opportunities offered by AQUALOO as the comprehensive facility – in order to learn much more about its services please visit its official website. 

New guests are always welcome to our facility. However, the familiar faces of regular customers who come year after year, make us especially proud, as after visiting various Russian and overseasresorts, they, in the end, choose the AQUALOO Complex as their favorite holiday destination in the city of Sochi - this is the sign of recognition andthe highest rating as well as the best reference for us.
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