The indoor skating center Adler-Arena (formerly an indoor skating center known as The Olympic Oval) is located in the center of the Olympic Park. The construction of this complex was timed to make the facility fully available by the opening of the 22nd winter Olympic games in Sochi in February 2014. However the operation of the building for its intended purpose started earlier. Already at the end of 2012, the ice stadium hosted athletes competing at the Russian World Championships in the all-round speed skating; and in March 2013, they held the world speed skating training championship at various distances there. The complex looks like a typical oval stadium, its length is 400 meters. The oval shape of the building subsists all along its façade decorated with smoked leaded pane windows. The stadium is stunning in its size - the total area of two floors is more than 50 thousand square meters, and the height of the building reaches 25 meters. The hall has 8000 seats for spectators, and 3 VIP-boxes. There are 12 equipped locker rooms for athletes, which can accommodate 15 people, and a tunnel passage leading from the locker rooms area directly to the arena. During the Olympic games more than 170 athletes from different countries competed at the Adler-Arena skating center. After the Olympic games, the freezing machinery was turned off and the site was actively used for sports and cultural events. Today the complex serves as a base for the Tennis Academy.
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