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Volkonskoe gorge

Volkonsky gorge, formerly Vinogradny gorge, is located 6 kilometers from Lazarevsky village on the right-hand side of the road going to Sochi. To see the gorge, visitors must exit at the bus stop and head downhill along the partially maintained road and then turn right. On the other side of the stream there is a small, flat area sandwiched between two hills, where a rest stop has been set up.

The hike to the gorge begins with a Bronze Age monument –  a dolmen. The Volkonsky dolmen is a rare monolithic structure, a huge piece of sandstone rock with a height of 4 meters into which a flat surface has been chiseled out.  Above it looms a vertical surface with a carved niche and a hole through which a central horseshoe-shaped chamber with a spherical ceiling has been hollowed out. On the roof of this dolmen there is a circular recess with a diameter and depth of up to 60 centimeters. The only convenient way for getting to the roof from the area in front of the niche is a step located at the end of the vertical surface. 

A hydrogen sulphide spring is located directly behind the dolmen. The spring is a natural outlet for low sulfur water that flows along a deep fault in the earth. It has a trapezoidal shape with a depth of between 15–40 centimeters, depending on how often it is cleaned. The flow rate for the spring is 0.035 liters per day.  

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    Beside the road near Volkonskoe village 6 kilometres from Lazarevskoe village, to the right of the road (if heading to Sochi)

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