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In the vicinity of Sochi there is a picturesque valley with an abundance of rocks, waterfalls and water bowls – this is the Svir gorge. Travelers with great pleasure come here to admire the waterfalls called Adam and Eve, the Svirwaterfall and Teschiny Slezy (Mother-in-Law's Tears), as well as the dolmen called Slava (Glory), which is an ancient structure built of stones, presumably in the third century BC.

The tour to the Svirskoye gorge starts from the village of Lazarevskoye along the road that crosses the Svir river and leads to the border of the Sochi national Park. On the way, there is a Sandstone slab with a sign that the first waterfall is 250 meters away, and the second one is 850 meters away. Behind it there is a trail that leads to the Svir canyon, which is created by the river that flows here. Bypassing the limestone ledge of the rock on the left side of the canyon, you can get to the Svir waterfall, which reaches a height of seven meters. At its foot, the water knocked out a deep bowl in the stone, in which everyone is offered to swim. According to a long-standing belief, the water of this waterfall washes away all sins. After viewing the first waterfall, you can climb up the layered rocks as if on steps and take a walk along the Svirka canyon, admiring its picturesque rapids and small baths.

The Svir gorge surprises with the fact that there is never direct sunlight inside it, so the banks of theriverare always in a mysterious semi-darkness. Then the tour continues to the second waterfall, another dolmen and to the Moonstone. Following the road through the forest, one can reach the dolmen, which is half covered with earth. If you look closely at it and stroke its rough walls with your hand, you can easily find ancient signs on its surface that resemble a cross in a circle. After the dolmen, you can see the Moonstone, and then go down to the next waterfall called Mother-in-Law's Tears. Splashes of water, like mother-in-law's tears, roll down from a height of five meters and fall into a small bowl. There is another waterfall nearby - its height is nearly ten meters. The further route of the tour goes upstream of the Svir. Here you can observe several small water slides and a huge stone block-an outlier - in the middle of the river.

Along the way, there are many picturesque glades where you can rest and have a picnic.

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