Rock, valleys and caves


On the way from the Airport to Krasnaya Polyana, at the turn to the village of Golitsino, the traffic direction sign will show to the left, to the Akhshtyr cave. Follow the sign and drive about 10 km along the mountain highway through the villages of KazachyBrod and Golitsino. Two kilometers before reaching the village of Lesnoye, turn left again at the sign saying ‘Psakho Canyon’. After driving about 3 km and fording the Psakho river, you will see your destination to the left of the road.

The recreational object includes two canyons: The Mokriy (The Wet One) and The Sukhoy (The Dry One).

The Mokriy has a width from 1.5 to 10 meters, for 2 kilometers and along its route there are karst channels and baths, small waterfalls and water slides, fantastic grottoes and giant layered limestones, of which the banks of Psakhoare composed.

The Dry one is more massive. It is located in a 20 to 30 minutes walk up from the riverbed and it a giant fault in the limestone strata formed as a result of an earthquake.

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