Rock, valleys and caves


In Zubova Schel area, surrounded on three sides by colorful spurs of the Main Caucasian ridge, there is a small and unique, virgin beauty of nature called – Prokhladniy Canyon (Cool Canyon). The Chuzhaya (Alien) river streams along the bottom of the canyon, forming waterfalls and water slides. The charming world of the canyon, with its steep solid stone slopes, is an impeccable combination of magic and reality. You will see the natural statue of the Gorge Guardian, whose proud face was carved by nature itself. As a friendly and hospitable host, he meets you at the entrance to the Prokhladniy Canyon. In the shady freshness of the canyon, the river forms a cascade of waterfalls and water slides, some of them are quite impressive - up to several meters in height. All this is the realm of falling water, shining in the sun - in the thickets of boxwood, ivy and other relict plants. Stone reservoirs created by the river Chuzhaya, are full of rapids, and water cascades from one to the other, thus creating bowls for bathing called "Wellness", "Fairness" and "Wishes".

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