Wonder Land Park or, in other words, The Magic Wood, is located at Gorki Gorod resort, at Glade 960 level, to the right of the Vostochny Les cable car lower station. Its themes are fairytale characters and magic stories.

By purchasing an entrance ticket, the guests of the Park can walk along the forest paths and the Botanical garden, where alder and hazel trees, beech, maple, hornbeam, and ferns grow; visit the mini-zoo, which is home to raccoons, squirrels, swans, peacocks, pheasants, crows, ducks and sables. In addition to wildlife, the Park features sculptures of fairy-tale characters and their houses.

Every day, except Monday, the local animators conduct there their entertainment quests; they talk about the world of nature and teach the guests how to recognize dangerous berries and plants. In the evening, an open-air theatrical performance is shown for all visitors. Also in the Wonder Land, you can participate in entertainment quests, master classes and dance at an unusual forest disco.

To get to the Park, you need to climb 960 meters and walk to the lower station of Vostochny Les cable car. The Wonder Land is open daily from 10: 00 to 19: 00.
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