The Park presents the flora of the Caucasus, Japan, China, North and South America, Asia, the Mediterranean, the Himalayas, New Zealand, Africa – almost the entire subtropical zone of the Earth. The Park has a rich rose garden. Also here is a collection of rhododendrons, maples, cryptomeria, more than fifty species of conifers – pines, firs, silver firs, arbor-vitae, cedars, cypresses...

The Park is designed in a typical European landscape style: freely arranged groups of trees and shrubs alternate with clearings and ponds of natural shape. Everything is harmonious and proportionate here. Narrow paths wriggle amidst the plantings. The Park fascinates with its naturalness, beauty and groomed look. In its small front part, in the so-called "parterre", there is a large green lawn made in the regular style, cut by a path, adorned on both sides with a hedge of the cherry laurel. Numerous flowerbeds are framed with boxwood. Everything is checked, neatly lined, trimmed. An alley of tulip trees leads to the sea.

In autumn, the Park literally blazes with colors of yellowing and reddening leaves of maples. Here they grow more than 40 species. The abundance of evergreen, coniferous trees and shrubs gives the Park an elegant look even in winter.
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