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Glubokiy Yar waterfall (or Dragon Mouth as it is called during excursions) is located near the mouth of the river of the same name, a left tributary of the Mzymta river. Its height is 41.5 m. This is one of the highest waterfalls in Greater Sochi.

Under the waterfall there is a small pond and the entrance to the cave, from which a stream of icy clear water breaks out. The total length of the cave passages is 1,070 meters. In the cave, near the entrance, an underground river forms a waterfall 18 m high. Quite a rare case: the river has a double channel-surface and underground, and two waterfalls, as if nested in one another – the surface one, and the underground one.

Another waterfall is located downstream of the Glubokiy Yar river (110 m). Its upper part is a water slide, and the lower part is a 9-meter-high waterfall.

Not far from the waterfall,there are the ruins of a medieval Christian temple on the remains of an ancient fortress made of local limestone. You can walk up to the temple along the trail of the left-bank slope of the gorge.
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