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The waterfall is located on the southern slope of mount Aibga, in the upper reaches of the Bezymyanka river, 4 km North of the village of Aibga. The drop of three steps of the waterfall is 75 m, which makes Bezymyanniy one of the highest waterfalls in the Krasnodar territory of Russia.

In the crevices of the southern slope of mount Aibgi, the river Bezymyanka is born from snowfields and springs. Jumping from rock to rock, making her way through the forest thickets, she runs up to the cliff and breaks down a three-stage waterfall. A jet of falling water cut a wide notch in the ledge, revealing multi-colored layers of sandstones, mudstones, clay shales of the Cretaceous period. Red layers alternate with gray, pinkish, and bluish ones. In the lower part of the cliff near the waterfall, the layers are curved in the form of a steep arch.

From the ledges of the rocks, clinging to the stones, hang the vines ofthe Colchis ivy. In some places, they are intertwoven so thickly that they form something like giant dark green blankets with long tassels. The slanted slopes are covered with lush thickets of ostrich fern. At the bottom of the gorge, there are single trees of alder, Yavor maple, and ash. And high above the waterfall, there are joining crowns of a virgin broad-leaved forest.

Against the background of this magnificent vegetation and multicolored rocks, a beautiful white waterfall sparkles, splashes and riots. A rounded pool filled to the brim with icy water beneath it forms waves. From here, the river, bubbling and foaming, rushes down through the rubble of huge boulders. After running two kilometers, it merges with the riverPsou, which flows along the border of Russia with Abkhazia and into the Black Sea.
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    In the mountains, 42 kilometres from the Black Sea Coast, in Adler District

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