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The Bezymyanka river is located 4 kilometers north of the village of Aibga and is home of the 75-meter Bezymyanny or “Nameless” falls, a three-level cascade which is one of the highest waterfalls in Krasondar territory.

The Bezymyanka river originates in the springs and snowfields found in the crevices that run along southern slopes of Mount Aibga. Leaping from rock to rock, the river courses its way through forest thickets towards a steep cliff where it plummets, forming a three-step waterfall. The streams of falling water have carved wide notches into the rocky ledge, revealing multi-coloured layers sandstone, mudstone, and shale dating from the Cretaceous period. The layers alternate in grayish, pinkish and bluish colours before bending into a steep arch-like formation beside the falls at the lower part of the cliff.

Strands of Colchis ivy cling to stones on the rocky ledges and intertwine so thickly in places they resemble a gigantic, dark green blanket with long fringes. Lush clumps of ostrich fern cover the the gentle slopes of the ravine while single alder, sycamore maple and ash trees dot the bottom. High up, above the falls, a pristine forest of broad-leaf trees closes in upon the river.

It is against this backdrop of luxurious green foliage and multi-coloured rocks that the beautiful white-foamed waterfall splashes, sparkles and rustles. A rounded pool overflowing with ice cold water ripples down below. From here, the river, churning and foaming, rushes down through the rubble of huge boulders. Two kilometers further on it flows into the Psou river which runs along the border between Russia and Abkhazia before emptying into Black Sea.

Neither Aibga nor the nearby settlement of Yeremlovka can be reached by public transport. Bus routes 105 and 135 go as far as Krasnaya Polyana, which is only 10 kilometers cross-country from the falls.

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    In the mountains, 42 kilometres from the Black Sea Coast, in Adler District

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