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Park of Waterfalls Mendelikha

The Park of Waterfalls Mendelikha was seemingly created for people to spend hours walking its paths, listening to the soothing murmur of its mountain streams, and feeling at one with nature. 

The park has seven waterfalls in total: Mendel, Chara, Chervonny, Mishkin Grot, Aiya, Snezhnoye Ruslo and Zolotoy. When touring the falls, visitors can choose between three routes: the Small Ring (900 meters), the Middle Ring (1500 meters) and the Great Ring (3000 meters).

The adventure begins at the top of Rosa Peak, when you board the Edelweiss open lift and descend the southern slope of Aibga ridge. The main challenge is not letting go of the camera when trying to photograph all the beautiful sights surrounding you.

You will begin your visit to the Park of Waterfalls with the Small Ring route, where there is a small but very picturesque waterfall:

Mendel Falls

This 9 meter high waterfall is the gateway to the park. The falls are named after Boris Mendel whose life was tragically cut short not far from here. Having accidentally stumbled upon soldiers of a cavalry detachment scooping up gold coins out of the water at the lower (Chervonny) falls, Mendel, in fright, rushed up a nearby mountain slope. One of the cavalry officers set off after him. As the officer explained later, he had to shoot the fleeing old man for fear he might talk about what he had seen and that local robbers would then attack the detachment.

To continue to the next waterfalls, you must take the Middle Ring:

Chervonny (Gold Coin) Falls

This 20 meter high waterfall is located near the confluence of Chervonny creek and the Mendelikha river where at one time there was a ford for horses. Once, when crossing to the other side, a horse from a cavalry detachment that was transporting boxes of gold stumbled. One of the boxes fell and shattered on the rocks, and its contents spilled out into the water. It was this event that proved fatal for Boris Mendel, who became an unwitting witness to the incident and paid for it with his life. There is another version of the story that the gold being transported was part of the so-called “Gold of the Kuban Rada.” Many years later, local residents found Tsarist gold coins here, hence the name of the falls.  

Chara Falls

The 9 meter high Chara falls received its name because of its shape. Cascading streams of water crash down from an arched cornice and form a sort of filled bowl at the base of the falls. In this way, the falls resemble an old Russian drinking vessel called a “chara.” 

The most inquisitive visitors can continue their journey through the secret treasury of the Park of Waterfalls by embarking upon the Great Ring:

Mishkin Grot

This 6 meter high waterfall comprises a series of cascades churning among large boulders of the most unusual shape. The flowing water is constantly changing the speed of its descent and the direction of its movement. 

Aiya Falls

This 14 meter high waterfall is named after Boris Mendel’s beloved wife. The name means “moonlight” in the local language. Water descends among the rocks at high speed in one powerful and plentiful stream.

Snezhnoye Ruslo (Snow Bed)

This small 5 meter high waterfall has a multitude of thin streams that spill out vertically over a ledge like a comb before maneuvering among a number of small rocks. 


This waterfall closes the Great Ring. At 77 meters, it is not only the highest waterfall at Rosa Khutor, it is the highest waterfall in the entire Sochi area. It is seven meters higher than even the neighboring Polikarya waterfall.

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