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Orekhovsky Waterfall

Orekhovsky falls is located near the village of Orekhovka in a picturesque area of incredibly beautiful landscape some 14 kilometers from Sochi. The 27.5 meter falls are regarded as one of the highest and most beautiful among such attractions in the Krasnodar coastal region.  

The falls are formed by the waters of the Bezumenka river plunging off a 30 meter high, almost vertical ledge (the incline is 70 degrees). The water falls in several streams and passes over two steps in the lower part of the falls. The water then continues past a small pebble beach at the base of the waterfall before converging with the Sochi river. It is the lower of the two steps that is regarded as the most spectacular. The waterfall is popular not only among tourists but also among spiritualists who claim it is a source of power.  

The waterfall changes its appearance with the seasons. In summer, it can weaken, leaving slowly flowing trickles of water, while in spring and summer, when the river is at its height, it reveals powerful seething torrents. The falls can be reached by vehicle or by bus route 102. 

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    37 and 29 kvartaly, 29 vydel Verhne-Sochinskogo lesnichestva, s. Orekhovka, 1,5 km ot ostanovki selo Orekhovka

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