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Orekhovsky Waterfall

Orekhovskiye waterfalls are located near the Orekhovka village in a picturesque area with a fabulously beautiful scenery, as far as 14 km from Sochi. Orekhovsky waterfall is considered one of the highest and most beautiful among similar attractions located on the coast of Krasnodar Krai. The height of the cascade is 27.5 m.

The waterfall is formed by the fall of the river Bezumenka waters from a 30-meter, almost vertical ledge (the steepness of the ledge is 70 degrees). The water falls in several streams. At the bottom of the waterfall there are two steps and, before the confluence with the Sochi river, there is a small pebble beach. The most spectacular is considered to be the lower stage. It is popular not only among travelers, but also among esotery scientists who avouch that it is a place of power.

The waterfall changes its appearance seasonally. In summer, it can look like a weak, slowly flowing trickles of water, but in spring and during the river high water period the trickles turn into powerful boiling streams. Before the October revolution of 1917, the waterfall was called Melnichniy (The Mill Waterfall). Today's placename is associated with the location near the village of Orekhovka and walnut groves growing there.
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    37 and 29 kvartaly, 29 vydel Verhne-Sochinskogo lesnichestva, s. Orekhovka, 1,5 km ot ostanovki selo Orekhovka

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