The Chvizhepse narzan spring is located in the valley of the river of the same name in the “Medvezhy Ugol” tract of Chvizhepse village.

You can sample water obtained from a depth of 200 meters in the pavilion at the center of which stands the statue of a bear whose head is crowned by a bowl with a small fountain. The walls of the pavillion are adorned with information about the composition of the water and testimonials about its use.

“Chvizhepse” translates from the Ubykh language as “water that gives joy,” while “narzan” is from the Abazin and Kabardino-Circassian languages and means “the drink of heroes.” Among the mountain peoples inhabiting this area, there was the belief that a person immersed in this water would acquire the power of the Earth, from which this water originated.

Among the biologically-active microelements found in this water, there is iron, arsenic, bromine, iodine, copper, manganese, zinc, lead, lithium and so on. The concentration of arsenic initially exceeded permissible limits, but the chemical laboratories of the Sochi Research Institute of Health Resort Medicine and Physiotherapy discovered a method of reducing the concentration of arsenic through the partial degassing of narzan water (the volatilization of a certain amount of free acid). This is how bottled mineral water has been obtained, which can be purchased in Sochi’s shops.

To reach the spring, which is located within Sochi National Park (quarter 56, allotment 10), take bus route 135 from Adler or routes 105 and 186 from Sochi to the Chvizhepse but stop, or, if going by private vehicle, to Medvezhiy Ugol on the far side of the bridge that crosses the gorge.

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