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If you are going to Sochi for vacation, then make sure to visit Berendeevo Tsarstvo, or “Berendey’s Kingdom,” in the picturesque Kuapse valley. It is known for the extraordinary beauty of its unique rock formations, waterfalls and mountain clefts. A cascade of seven waterfalls, one of which reaches the height of 27 meters, is a highlight of the valley. The waterfalls and other natural attractions are named after heroes in Alexander Ostrovsky’s fairy tale, The Snow Maiden. The valley walls are covered in a variety of trees and bushes, including Iberian oak, maple, hornbeam, Pontic and yellow rhododendron, elder, hazel and many other plants

The trail runs 1200 meters and is divided into two parts. The first part is 450 meters long, easy to traverse, and equipped with pedestrian bridges and park benches. The trail follows a stream through a colourful gorge up to the seven waterfalls, where visitors are greeted first by the small but beautiful “Kupava” and “Nameless” falls. Following the river, the trail crosses Mezgir bridge, where the beautiful 27-meter high “Berendey’s Beard” waterfall puts the finishing touch to this scenic valley. Further along, you can see the “Altar of the Goddess Lada” and the lake called “Happiness.”

The second part of the trail runs 700 meters and starts at the observation deck near “Berendey’s Beard” waterfall. It continues along a path up to the “Nameless” mountain, where there is megalithic complex with a sanctuary and trough-shaped dolmen with standing stones. One of the standing stones has petroglyphs on it, left by its ancient Bronze Age builders. Not far from the “Sanctuary” you will find medieval burial sites of the Adyg and Shapsug people.  

Visitors will also find a cafe at Bereendevo Tsarstvo along with “Berendey’s Throne” which anyone can sit on.


To get to Berendeevo Tsarstvo, take bus No. 59, 160, 161, 162 or 163 which go to Tuapse. Get off at Mamedka stop and walk thirty meters in the same direction and then turn right onto the dirt road heading downhill. There you will see the inscription – “Waterfalls.” A sign at the entrance to Mamedov gorge will point the way to the Kuapse river and further across a suspension bridge.

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