Waterfalls, lakes and mineral springs

33 waterfalls

An excursion to the 33 waterfalls will present you with one of nature’s most impressive creations – the watery cascade on the Dzhegosh tributary of the Shakhe river.

You will have an unforgettable experience contemplating the falling water sparkling in the sun and will breathe free and easy in the relic forest of boxwood thickets.

On the way to Dzhegosh tributary, you will have the opportunity to touch an astonishing tulip tree which is over 160 years old. Its dimensions boggle the imagination – six grown men cannot embrace the giant’s trunk.

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  • Address

    In quadrant 39 of the Golovinskoe forest range in Sochi National Park, in Dzhegosh Gorge 4 kilometres to the north of the Adigeyan village of Bolshoi Kichmai

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