Waterfalls, lakes and mineral springs


One of Sochi’s major attractions is the so-called Dagomysskiye Koryta or “Dagomys Troughs,” which are small naturally-occuring pools of water found on the Western Dagomys river. They were created long ago when rock strata collapsed and fell into the river, which caused obstructions and the creation of small basins behind them.

The chemical composition of the collapsed rock strata is heterogeneous and their erosion has occurred very unevenly over the millennia, which has led to the formation of numerous ledges, ridges, depressions and pools which resemble troughs – hence the name Dagomys Troughs. Foaming and bubbling, the flowing water falls from ledges and pours from one pool to another, with the interplay between the blue-green streams capturing the visitor’s imagination.

The pools and rapids make the Dagomys Troughs a beautiful spot and a favourite destination for visitors. In hot weather, they come to swim in the clear waters of the troughs and sunbathe by the cool mountain stream. The troughs are surrounded by moss-covered rocks, thickets of evergreen boxwood and Pontic rhododendron, and crowns of mighty oaks, beeches and chestnut trees. Many plants listed in the Russian Red Book for rare species can be seen here.

To see the Dagomys Troughs, visitors can sign up for an excursion tour or come by public transport. The attraction is only nine kilometers away from Dagomys village down an asphalt road that leads to the mountains.

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