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The name of this trail speaks for itself: an enjoyable hike through the forests of the Rosa Khutor resort that not only acquaints visitors with the scenic landscapes, but also has a positive healthy effect on a person’s entire body.

The “health trail” consists of three forested hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty that run along the slopes of Mount Psekhako. The easiest trail does not pose difficult challenges and even a child can do it. Incidentally, it is beneficial for children to hike this route as it will provide them with a healthy dose of exercise. Navigating all the ups and downs will help foster muscle training and development. 

As for the most difficult route, only the bravest trekkers will be able to face the challenge as they will spend around two hours hiking through a mountain forest. The trail passes through a wooded area of Psekhako ridge where visitors will be able to admire the beauty of the mountain forest with its giant trees, mosses and lianas.

The trail has three circuits of varying length and difficulty with a climb from 580 to 732 meters above sea level. The level of difficulty is moderate with a distance of 2.5 kilometers.  

Route length: 2.5 km.

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