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This challenging excursion route is suitable for those who like long hikes. However, it is only possible to go on this trip during the warm summer season - from June 1 to October 30. The restrictions exist based onthe period of clearing the passes from snow, as well as the start of the mating season of such a representative of the local fauna as the Caucasian deer.

The impressive length of the route is 53 km, which means 4-6 days of walking and, of course, an unforgettable experience.

In order to get to the starting point of the route, one needs to get to the cordon calledChernorechye of the Eastern Department of the Caucasian reserve. The tour "Through theAishkha mountain crossover - to the Black sea" takes place along the following route: cordon Chernorechye – cordon Treya Rota – cordon Umpyr – estuary of the Chistaya river – Aishkha mountain crossover – the Pslushenok river. Places to spend the night are: cordonTreya Rota, cordon Umpyr, the 30th km, the confluence point of the Chistaya and Malaya Laba rivers.

On the first day of the trip, the tourists will reach theTretya Rota cordon, on the second and third days they will overcome the path to thecordonUmpyr, on the fourth day they will reach the Clean river and then the Aisha mountain crossover and the Pslushenok river.
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