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Iceberg lake is located in the unique climate zone of Cirque-3, formed as a result of the descents of avalanches on the western wall of the spur that starts in the area of Gorki Gorod pass. At the end of the dry summer season, the lake dries up.

The trail to the lake begins from the lower station of the K-6 cable car. This is an easy route that is suitable for people of any age.

The eco-route runs at an altitude of 2,130-2,140 meters above sea level, the height difference being only about 15 meters. Its length is 600 meters. The route takes 30 minutes in both directions.

To reach the route level, one needs to purchase a tour ticket to the desired level mark at the resort's ticket offices. The route itself is free of charge.

The eco-route is open from 10: 00 to 16: 00.
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