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The eco-trail “Dolina rododendronov” (Valley of the Rhododendrons) is located at an elevation of 2050–2300 meters above sea level. It is 800 meters long with a rise of about 300 meters. To get to the start of the trail, you will need to take the cable car to the 2200-meter-mark, and then change over to the Circus-2 cable car.

Rhododendron thickets are widespread in the subalpine zone of the Caucasus Mountains. This flowering shrub is endemic to the region and is in bloom during the months of May and June. At the Krasnaya Polyana resort, rhododendron thickets are found in mountain hollows called circuses.

The hike to the Valley of the Rhododendrons can be combined with a visit to the Medvezhy (Bear) falls. 

Removing or damaging the vegetation along the trail is strictly prohibited. 

To get to the start of the trail, you must obtain an excursion pass at the resort ticket office and take the cable car to the required level. The eco-trail is free for visitors and is accessible from 10:00 to 16:00 hours. 

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