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One of the most beautiful eco-trails open during the summer season for visitors to the Krasnaya Polyana mountain resort is the Alpiyskiye luga (Alpine Meadows) trail. It is located at an elevation of 1900–2200 meters above sea level in the unique mountain climate zone of the Circus-1 mountain valley. During the hike along the eco-trail, you will see flowers listed in the Russian Red Book for rare and endangered species that are found only here, and will enjoy the mountain panorama of the Main Caucasus ridge. 

The eco-trail runs along a specially-equipped path with sign posts and has a length of three kilometers. There is a covered gazebo at the end of the trail where visitors can rest. In addition to Red Book plants along the route, you can also encounter ancient atsanguars – mysterious stone structures in the shape of enclosures.

To get to the start of the trail, you will first need to take the cable car to 2200-meter-mark above sea level. Then, after exiting the upper station of the cable car, follow the signs leading to “Ekomarshrut: Alpiyskiye luga” (Eco-Trail: Alpine Meadows).

The trail is accessible to both adults and children without special physical training as there is little uphill hiking. Take weather conditions under consideration and bring warm clothing and waterproof windbreakers. 

Hiking the complete trail to the gazebo on Aibga ridge and back will take from one and a half to two hours.

The eco-trail is free of charge and is accessible between 10:00 and 18:00 hours. 

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