In the very heart of Sochi, among the greenery and sculptures of the Park n.a. Frunze, on May 10, after a many years of long break there took place the grand opening of the Summer theater season.

The historical exterior of the legendary building was restored by Buenas Kubanas company. Besides their construction skills the builders invested in the restoration their creativity, and resultantly, the functionality of the theater has substantially widened! They also reinforced the foundation and columns around the perimeter of the building.

Now, thanks to the unique 1,600 square meter atrium, installed over the auditorium, each visitor will be able to sit securely on the new comfortable seats, or on the chairs specially designed for the theater!

An exceptional ventilation and heating system installed for the first time in the history of the city will allow the theater to function all the year round.

The star status of the theater is endorsed given the status of the artistes invited to participate in the opening of the season: a dance show (more than 50 artists) under the management of one of the leading choreographers of the world Santiago Alfonso are specially invited to come from Havana (Cuba).

The plans of the theater management include a wide-ranging tour and concert activity including the invitation of the world famous artistes performing in different genres and belonging to different artistic movement.

For the first time they will try and gradually introduce the system of selling tickets with an open date.

In addition, the theater has updated the format of the performance space – it has become a cabaret theater.

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