The Museum is located on the ground floor of the main Sochi Autodrom grandstand (entrance A), in the Olympic Park.

The Sochi Auto Sport Museum features about 50 racing and rare cars from different periods. The main Museum collection includes racing cars of different years of production.

Among them there is a real Formula 1 car Jaguar R5B 2004, a 1500-horsepower Dodge Viper for drag racing, the speed record holder of the 1990s Jaguar XJ220, an ultralight legendary supercar for public roads Ferrari F40, a Delorean of stainless steel, known to everyone by the trilogy "Back to the future", as well as the car of James Bond — Aston Martin DB9.

In addition to sports cars, the museum has a huge collection of miniature copies of various models of cars, dolls, costumes and helmets of racers, team uniforms of mechanics, tires and wheels. A special display is dedicated only to cups and prizes.

The museum is open daily, without breaks and weekends from 10: 00 to 21: 00.

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