In the village of Uch-Dere in the Lazarevsky district of Sochi there is, perhaps, one of the most unusual museums in the city: it houses three unique original exhibitions that are very different from each other. Those are the museums of vintage cars, Krasnodar tea and samovars.

The Tea Museum was opened in a place where the northernmost tea in the world has been grown for more than a hundred years. Without exaggeration, this legendary tea is produced there, in the Lazarevsky district of Sochi, to this day. The Museum is located on the premises a former tea factory. The exhibition features archival photos, a miniature tea plantation and, of course, samples of aromatic products. In addition to the exhibition area, guests can also visit the production shop and see the workflow with their own eyes.

The Museum of samovars presents "gold reserves" - attributes and things of a century ago, among which there are Tula samovars. In the Museum, the visitors will see old sewing machines, spinning wheels, and an old Russian oven.

In the museum of oldtimers, visitors will be able to see a collection of vintage cars, the total cost of which impresses even the most well-versed guests and is close to 1 million USD! The Museum houses rare cars from Germany and the United States from 1915-1959.

It is worth noting that the exhibition will appeal not only to adult fans of retro aesthetics, but also to children – they can sit in the driver's or passenger's seat of all the exhibits. And, what is more, all cars are in running condition.

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