The feeling of flight and weightlessness, panoramic views and breathtaking nature… No, this is not about airplane turns, but about high-altitude swing set at the Sochi resort Rosa Khutor.

Everyone can ride a swing almost reaching the clouds and get a generous dose of adrenaline: to do this, tourists need to purchase a walking ticket to the top of the Rosa Peak. When making their way along that uncomplicated path the guests of the resort may use such ancillary facility as Olympia, Reserved Woods and The Caucasian Express aerial tram. In summer, guests of the resort can see green mountain ranges from this observation deck, and in winter – an impressive ensemble of snow-capped peaks. There is also always a photographer available to capture your dizzying ‘flight’ in the clouds.

It is worth mentioning that the ride is very safe, and a special insurance is provided. Therefore, not only adults can ride such an unusual swing, but also children who are at least 4 years old. Working time of the attraction is from 10.00 to 16.30. The weight limit is not more than 120 kg. In case of adverse weather conditions,the work schedule may change.
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