Sochi is a city in which there are all possible entertainments: from sea walks to skiing, from roller coasters to bungee jumping.

Now anyone can make a safe and exciting bungee jump in the adventure Park at the height of SKYPARK AJ Hackett Sochi from the founder of bungee jumping.

Central to the Park is the longest suspension pedestrian bridge in the world, the Skybridge. Its length is 439 m, height 207 m. the bridge offers incredible panoramic views of the Akhshtyr gorge, the Caucasus mountains and the black sea coast. And every visitor to the Park can take a dizzying walk through this unique structure. This is a joint project of Russian and new Zealand architects, the construction of which lasted for 2 years. And this is a truly unique project not only for the city of Sochi, but for Russia and the World.

The complex of skypark attractions is distinguished by its diversity. It includes: 207 BUNGY, BUNGY 69, SochiSwing and MegaTroll. At the beginning and in the middle of the bridge special platforms for attractions are constructed.

Also the Park was built Mowgli rope Park, via ferrata tours, climbing 1200 sq. m and 18 m tall.

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