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Among the majestic mountains, not far from the rapid Mzymta river, there is an apiary representing a corner of kindness and harmony between man and nature.

Hundreds of tourists come there to see how the famous Caucasian bee lives and to taste the numerous kindsof honey. The owner of the territory, beekeeper Gamzat Huseynov, is pleased to tell his guests the legend of the Caucasian bee, show them the farm and treat them to lots of kinds of honey.

At that hospitable place, the visitors enjoy the superb honey, sweet tea, honeywine, Russian mulled honey drink, and other bee products.

Gamzat knows many fascinating stories about the life and laws of the bee family, and is happy to share his knowledge with tourists.

Guests will enjoy an amazing tea party with honey, delicious rolls and bagels, and besides that, one may order a juicy shish kebab or fried trout. After the meal all the guests of the apiary are taken to be photographed with the bees, who are already used to the presence of people and behave quite calmly.

The beekeeper will open the secrets of choosing honey, tell you which variety is more suitable for children, and which is useful for the treatment of various diseases. Here one can buy high-quality bee products: honey, Royal jelly, pollen and propolis.

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