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There are very few people, who have visited Adler and not visited the luxurious local trout farm. This is the place in the mountains, where the air is sweet and clean, and where the "royal" fish is splashing in reservoirs with artesian water, on the banks of the Mzymta river. Here you can not onlysee how trout is grown, but as well as that catch the specimen you like yourself, and then taste the freshest fish that has just been ever cooked for you. Meanwhile, breeding and growing the “royal fish" requires a lot of work from the employees of the Adler fish breeding farm, one of the largest enterprises in Russia and one of the main producers of rainbow and amber trout in Europe.

Today, JSC Trout Breeding Plant Adler is the only farm in Russia that has a collection of the most common trout breeds: Kamloops, Donaldson and Steelhead salmon. In addition, the farm possessesits two own rainbow trout breeds called Adler and Adler Amber. Since 1998, The Black Sea salmon Kumzha has been grown here – it isendemic to the Black Sea, and is a promising object of commercial fish farming. To meet the market demand as fully as possible, the farm is engaged in growing and selling sturgeon varieties.

In recent years, the trout farm has had many visitors. There are not only representatives of partner companies, but also tourists.

The tourists enjoythe opportunity to see the countless pools with rainbow and amber trout with their own eyes, learn about the process of growing the trout, feed the fish and watch a documentary about the farm. As part of the tour, one can visit the tasting room and try dishes from the freshest trout. There is a branded shop on site, which sells live trout and fish delicacies.

Paid fishing on carp and trout ponds is available for everyone. Fishing equipment can be rented. There are picnic gazebos on the beach.
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