Cycling route "Carousel"

Walking and cycling in the mountains is always a good idea for a family weekend or a vacation with friends. As the tourist route means physical exercise, the time spent in the mountains, will both give you good memories and charge the body the long lasting vivacity and energy. Combining the useful with the pleasure, tourists often choose the touring bike journey called The Carousel available fr om Gorki Gorod resort. The Carousel route runs through the territories in charge of the Federal state budgetary institution Sochi National Park Kasnopolyansky district forestry. Your bike journey begins at 960 meters above sea level and ends at the lower level of the resort, the 540 meter mark. In order to get to the starting point, you need to get to the village called Estosadok (by private transport or by bus), get off at the stop called The Mountain Carousel and take the cable car to the Upper level of Gorki Gorod. As a rule, the cycling journeys and hikes enjoy popularity most of all during the summer peak season. While the coastal part of Sochi is rapt in the heat, the mountains of the resort offer the travelers many places wh ere they can freshen up and relish the purest mountain air.
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