Ethnographic and agricultural tourism complexes


Visiting the Husky center is an opportunity to join the culture of the peoples of the North of our country, as well as make friends with their irreplaceable assistants at all times — Siberian Huskies.

Each guest will learn about the culture and traditions of the Northern peoples. In addition to the pleasure of communicating with adult dogs and cute puppies, guests will find a tasting room and a tour where one can learn more about the history, customs and life of the Northern peoples.

In the winter, one is able not only to communicate with the Siberian Husky, but also to try dog sledding.

In the Husky center, during Sunny days without precipitation (spring, summer, autumn), the game quest "gold rush" and the Playground for children "Archaeological excavations of dinosaur skeletons"are available.

The husky center is located on the territory of Polyana +960, Krasnaya Polyana resort, in the area of K-10 cable car landing.

Working hours:

Daily from 10: 00 to 18: 00.
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