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The Church Of The Holy Nativity Of Our Lady The Mother of Godis an Orthodox Church in Lazarevsky microdistrict of Sochi.

The Church was built in 1903, and it is 17 meters high. The foundation base is made of river stone, the walls are made of bricks. The Church was built in an oak grove, where there were no residential buildings around, and young people gathered around the Church on holidays and had fun.

Nearby,to the left of the Church, a church house was built. The building was not fenced and only in 1961 cypress trees were planted around it and the yard was fenced with a "chain link"netting. The builders of the Church were Anastas Vasilyevich Dimitriadi, Levter Vasiliadi and many others whose names are unknown.

In 1936, the Church was closed, the icons and all utensils were burned, the bells of the Church hung opposite it, on an oak tree, later they were removed, and one of them was transferred to Lazarevskoe railway station. From 1936 and till 1941, the Church building housed the "Moscow artists" art Museum of Usov andRzhevsky. Those artists periodically lived in Lazarevskoye, had their homes on Shevchenko street. From 1941-1950, the Church building housed a radio station, and then it was a religious building.


Since 1962, the Church was closed for six months, the district administration wanted to place a music school in the building, but thanks to the believers, the authorities' plan did not come to fruition. The Church was opened through the Patriarchate. The iron fence around the building and the gates were insalled in 1997. The modern bells were purchased for the Church as a gift by the Lazarevskoe administration in 1996.

Theinterior of the Church was painted in 1999, and thesame year the walls were painted apricot on the outside. The gold-covered dome with a cross has been installed since 2002; and the roof is covered with green metal tiles in 2003.

On the territory of the Church there is a subordinate Church of St. Seraphim of Sarov, a refectory, and a Church History Museum.

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