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Preobrazheniya Gospodnya church

Preobrazheniya Gospodnya church is an Orthodox church that was built in 1914 on the initiative of Mariya Scheglovitova, the wife of important dignitary and Minister of Justice in Tsarist Russia Ivan Scheglovitov. Emperor Nikolai II specially allocated 4000 gold rubles to its construction. The church was designed in emulation of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. After 1917 the church was closed and later a telephone exchange was installed. Services continued in a basement next to the church and outside in the warm seasons. In 2001 the church was returned to the fold.

In 2009 famous pop singer Yuri Shatunov gave the church three old icons from his collection. Until then the restored church did not have a single pre-Revolutionary icon.

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