The Church of the Holy Image of our Lord Jesus Christ the Savior “Not-Made-By-Hands” in Sochi was built in the Imereti lowlands before the 2014 Olympics.

Created in the image of the Church of The Merciful Icon of Our Lady in the Galley Harbor of St. Petersburg. The walls were painted in the academic style by specialists of the I. Glazunov’sRussian Academy of Painting.

In 2011, in the vicinity of the construction site of the Church of the Holy Image of our Lord Jesus Christ the Savior “Not-Made-By-Hands”, the archaeologists have discovered the remains of an ancient Byzantine Church of VIII-IX centuries.

In the altar, under the floor of an ancient temple, they found the burial of a full-length skeleton of a man, dating from the X century. Due to the fact that, since the early centuries the Christians placed under the Throne only the relics exclusively of the Holy martyrs, there is a firm reason to believe that at finding the burial they stood to gain the relics of a Saint.

In order to restore historical justice and continuity, the Foundation of the temple was laid with a stone taken from the remains of the altar wall of the Byzantine temple, and under its Throne, in a separate room-crypt, a Shrine with relics was arranged, accessible to all the comers.

On January 7, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin donated a19th-centuryicon of our Lord Jesus Christ the Saviour's Image “Not-Made-By-Hands” to the Church and left the first memorial entry in the book of honored guests.

The temple rises above the area due to its lower part – a two-story stylobate. The stylobate part of the building includes a cultural and educational mission center with a cinema and concert hall with an amphitheater-style stage for 350 seats, exhibition and refectory halls, and a reception hall for hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church and fraternal local churches.

The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ the Saviour's Image “Not-Made-By-Hands”is a single architectural ensemble with the Shelter of St. John the Baptist.

The OrphanageComples includes the buildings with the temples of the Holy Prophet and Baptist John, of the Holy Prophet Elijah, Our Lady the Mother of Jesus Chrst, St. Spyridon the Wonderworker, and the chapel of the Saints Cyprian and Justinia.

The Complex is designed for one hundred people.

The first free-standing building with a Church in honor of St. John the Baptist is intended to be the residence for elderly Orthodox bishops, priests and monks in need of care. In the main dome of this building, on the operated roof, is the temple of the Holy prophet Elijah.

The other three buildings are connected to each other.

The main one is a three-story building with a House Church in honor of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, intended for elderly Christians who have dedicated their lives to the service of the Church. The building includes a medical center, a Museum of the history of early Christianity in our city, a refectory, as well as rooms for medical personnel, security and technical staff with a chapel and library of Saints Cyprian and Justinia.

Adjacent to it, a four-story building with a Church in honor of St. Spyridon the Wonderworker, of Trimifunt, is intended for sisters of mercy who will take care of elderly Christians.

The territory of the Shelter complex is surrounded by a Park.

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