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The Sochi seaport consists of a large station complex and two passenger berths with a total length of 330 meters. Currently, the port has the ability to accommodate vessels up to 220 meters in length.

The port area has a very beautiful design. Near the embankment there is a gazebo rotunda, from which you can observe a magnificent view of the sea. The central part of the passenger station has a waiting area that amazes travelers with the beauty of its interior decor, which reveals an abundance of moldings, mirrors, comfortable furniture, sofas, armchairs and tables. In the lobby, the columns are decorated with majolica and the floors covered with mosaics.

The southern and northern sides of the marine terminal are adorned with two symmetrically placed courtyards with a high colonnade richly decorated with sculptures.

The section of the building facing the sea is of great architectural interest as it is furnished with a tower whose spire reaches a height of 36 meters. The tower has sculptures adorning three separate tiers. The first sculptural ensemble is located at a height of 20 meters and consists of four five-meter tall allegorical figures. The composition is entitled “The Seasons,” with spring, summer, autumn and winter represented in the form of female figures. The sculptures on the second tier are located at a height of 26 meters and depict the four cardinal directions. The last tier of decorative sculptures are in the form of twelve dolphins located at a height of 35 meters. Resembling tongues of flame, they encompass the base of the spire. 

The grounds of the passenger terminal are furnished with three fountains. The largest one is located before the entrance to the terminal, while the two smaller ones are found in the inner covered courtyards. The large fountain is in the form of a basin seven meters in diameter in the center of which there is an allegorical sculpture entitled “Navigation,” holding a compass, telescope and other symbolic objects in its hands.

The marine passenger building is Sochi’s calling card. It is a source of pride for the city and is protected as a historical monument.

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