Historical and architectural heritage

Fortress Of Achipse

If your trip includes a visit to the famous resorts of Krasnaya Polyana, do not forget to visit the ruins of the fortress Achipse.

The mysterious fortress of Achipse is one of the most interesting and well-known Krasnaya Polyana sights. The cultural property sight takes its history from the early middle Ages (VII-X century) and is located on the crest of the mountains at the confluence of the rivers Achipse and Mzymta, to the north of the village called Esto-Sadok. Hundreds of years ago, the object was the principal bastion in the line of fortresses located along one of the roads of the Great Silk Route. Archaeologists note that during the excavations they found numerous fragments of ceramic and glassware, as well as individual metal objects. It is also known that the length of the strong fortress wall was almost 700 meters. Unfortunately, the ruins of the walls of the once largest settlement of the early medieval era have survived to this day. The height of the preserved walls in some places reaches 5 meters.

Complexity level: easy.
Route length: 10 km.
Duration: 3 hours.

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    The Rosa Khutor resort

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