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Founded in 1899, the Pushkin Library is one of the oldest in Sochi. The collection was created at the initiative, and with the donations, of local citizens to mark the centenary of the birth of the gr...


Historical and architectural heritage


In one of the most picturesque corners of the Zelyona Roshcha (Green Groves) health resort in Sochi, there is a dacha, or summer residence, that was built for Josef Stalin....

Kurortnyi prospect, 120/1

Historical and architectural heritage

Mamedovo ushchel'ye (Mamed’s Gorge)

This well-known natural wonder is the pride of Lazarevsky district of Sochi. Mamed’s Gorge is situated in the valley of the river Kuapse. The history of the gorge is associated with the legend of...

Valley of the river Kuapse

Historical and architectural heritage

Dolmens of Krasnaya Polyana

One of the most mysterious attractions of Sochi is located on the territory of the famous Krasnaya Polyana. Six stone structures can be seen in the valley of Besinci, on the slope of the Achishkho ...

The Achishkho mountain

Historical and architectural heritage

Kapibge Dolmens

Kapibge Dolmens are located on the territory of Lazarevskoye forestry constituting a part of Sochi National Park, and trace their history back to the Bronze Age. The mysterious dolmens are the mega...

Adygeiskaya street

Historical and architectural heritage

Fortress Of Achipse

If your trip includes a visit to the famous resorts of Krasnaya Polyana, do not forget to visit the ruins of the fortress Achipse. The mysterious fortress of Achipse is one of the most i...

The Rosa Khutor resort

Historical and architectural heritage

Viewing tower on the Bolshoi Akhun

The most popular mountain destination among travelers to the Sochi region is Mount Akhun, which is located three kilometers from the Black Sea....

Khosta District, between the River ...

Historical and architectural heritage