At least four generations of Russians associate Sochi with the warm sea. And that is right!

The bathing season at the resort lasts from May to October, and even in winter it is quite possible to sunbathe. The usual for February ‘plus fifteen’ in a sheltered from the wind corner, under the cover of some breakwater, feels like ‘plus twenty-five’ so when lying with one’s stomach on the warmed stones, one definitely feels hot sun on his back.

So in the hit parade of Sochi attractions, beaches still positively hold the first place.

Fortunately, everyone can find a place in the sun on the seashore even during the peak season: the length of the resort's beach area is 146 kilometers, and there are not just many beaches in Sochi, but as many as 191! Of these, 80 beaches are municipal ones, and 110 are in charge of various organizations. All of them are well-maintained, provided with beach equipment and accessories, life rescue and medical stations, multiple changing cabins, toilets and showers, sun beds and umbrellas. The infrastructure of many beaches includes children's play areas, equipment rental facilities, and sports grounds. When equipping beaches, it is provided for receiving and servicing guests with disabilities. The coastal recreation area is clean and comfortable, with many rescue towers and a whole staff of professional rescuers who with due diligence keep up the good order from morning to evening.

Moreover, the beaches in Sochi are not alike, and as people say, each of them has its own flair. In the center of Sochi, a lively boardwalk stretches along the shore, the sea smells of exotic plants blooming in the Park area, and right from the beach you can admire the white stone stairs and gazebos hiding in the rich greenery. In Adler, the sea near the shore is strewn with numerous piers, a lot of beach entertainment and a scattering of translucent stones under your feet. In Imeretinka the visitors enjoy a striking view from the sea to the mountains and a sense of spaciousness…

Regarding the beaches, it is very interesting to walk or ride a bike along the embankment both in the Central part of Sochi, where its length is about 2 kilometers, and in the Adler district where it stretches for the whole 7 km! Built for the 2014 Winter Games, this embankment comes out all the way to the border with Abkhazia and is perfectly landscaped and provided with amenities throughout: there are benches, walking and Cycling paths, flowerbeds, beautiful cast-iron lanterns and art objects.

But let us now look at the sea water. Its quality at the resort is given the most serious attention, and the beaches of the Sochi coast are justly claiming to be the cleanest ones. In 2019, thirteen Sochi beaches received the Blue Flag international award in the field of ecology and environment, which undoubtedly confirms the high level of beach service and compliance with international standards.

Sochi beaches is the place where one always wants to return!

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Everyone knows that the tourism industry is one of the most dynamic sectors of the world economy, but do you know that tourism has its own internal champion? OLE-OLE-OLE!  The segment of tours to attend sporting events is growing 3.5 times faster than the industry as a whole! That is why if you consider yourself one of a huge and mighty army of sports tourists, you either have already been, or will soon be in Sochi! The city, which hosted the Winter Games-2014, has the right to be considered the sports capital of Russia. The Olympic infrastructure is not only well preserved here, it is developing and remains in constant demand. The ice palace Bolshoy is the home base of the ice hockey club Sochi, its arena hosts matches of the Continental hockey League and other events. The Olympic stadium Fisht is being prepared to receive the matches of the World Cup. Ice shows and hockey matches are held in Iceberg, the training arena of which is available for those who are fond of ice skating. The ice arena Shaiba functions as an all-Russian children's sports and recreation center and hosts competitions of different levels. The former mountain Olympic village provides its facilities for competitions held on the slopes. The main resort of the country is a real champion in the number of sports events held here at the highest level. Judge for yourself: only in 2017, Sochi hosted more than 80 high profile competitions, including ten Championships of Russia, one European and one world Championships, as well as the Military World Games. The spectators and the fans could watch the competition of the best athletes in such sports as luge, curling, fencing, table tennis, walking, boxing, checkers, chess, wrestling, snowboarding, bobsleigh, freestyle, football and mini-football, skiing, rhythmic gymnastics, skyrunning, cycling, skeleton, powerlifting, orienteering, sailing... Is not it a variety? In 2018, Sochi will host the World Football Cup – a mega-event in the world of sports, which every true fan dreams of visiting. Traditionally, a huge number of speed lovers will gather at Formula 1 at Sochi Autodrom. And even those who are infinitely far from sports and prefer a quiet lenient rest, are able right from the beach to contemplate the fascinating yachts of one of the many Sochi regattas. So, even if you are going to Sochi only to admire the beautiful nature and breathe the sea or mountain air, look at the sports calendar of the city. It is likely that there will be a spectacular event that you may want to visit. It is checked and proved: sports tourism has a huge advantage over classical rest – a fabulous emotional component. Do you remember? When Sochi hosted the Olympics, everyone felt the indescribable atmosphere of a Grand sports festival, and a keen interest in the competition arose even among those who had never been a fan before. No wonder it is said: "Oh, sport, you are the world!» Discover this world – in Sochi!

Gazprom Mountain Tourist Center is an all-season family resort located in Krasnaya Polyana. The resort's total area is 373 hectares. Well-developed infrastructure Gazprom Mountain Tourist Center includes two hotel complexes: Grand Hotel Polyana 5* and Polyana 1389 Hotel and Spa 4*. Each of them has a large picturesque covered (secured) territory, where you can walk without ruffle or excitement, enjoying the magnificent views of the Caucasus Mountains. Besides, the resort includes a complex of modern cable lifts and world-class pistes, Laura Ski and Biathlon Complex, Galaktika social and cultural centre, Alpika-Service, health care center, SPA complex (the only SPA Valmont in Russia) and other facilities. All opportunities, both for leisure and for holding of any-level events: from concerts and business meetings to competitions and international-level forums. Alpine skiing activities The resort has a special children's slope and 23 pistes of all complexity levels: for beginners - green and blue, for schussboomers - red and black. Pistes of Gazprom Mountain Tourist Center begin at the heights of 1660 and 1440 meters and are famous for their ideal "corduroy" - special attention is given to preparation of the skiing slopes. This resort's pistes are also considered as comfortable due to their width - up to 66 m. Even if there are a lot of skiers on a slope, everyone has enough space for descent. And, another very important fact, the pistes are safe. They are located on a plateau, so that there is no risk of avalanching. You can ski not only in the afternoon, but also in the evening. Prepared pistes, special light, mysterious outlines of majestic peaks, starry sky: evening skiing is a real romance in mountains. Gazprom Mountain Tourist Center is justly considered as a family resort and the best place for learning to ski by many people. Qualified instructors will help to get on skis, snowboard, to improve techniques. The special slope with beautiful figures-trainers and travolator - a stepless track, by means of which children can ascent with their parents or an instructor, are provided for children in the resort. And it is the only resort in Krasnaya Polyana, which offers its guests to ski not only on mountain, but also on cross-country skis. What is more, not somewhere, but on the famous piste of the Laura Ski and Biathlon Complex, where Russian athletes won gold medals at the Sochi-2014 Olympic games!  Entertainment Leisure in Gazprom Mountain Tourist Center is always pleasant. In summer, you can climb mountains, make a walk along the alpine meadows, practice ski walking, enroll on horse walks, arrange quadrocycle races or cycle rides along forest paths, a beautiful promenade, play tennis or relax near an outdoor pool. In winter - to snowboard, to go mountain or cross-country skiing, to have funny snowtubing and real carting races in the mountains at the altitude of 1440 m, to participate in dog sledding and to snowshoe to snow-white peaks. The tour circuit on the "3S" - the only cable lift in Krasnaya Polyana with a world record - is especially popular among guests. It is the longest and fastest "3S"-type cable lift in the world (according to the Doppelmyer company). Lifting is carried out from the 2nd floor of the building, located in Alpika-Service. You are waited by the real delight! During lifting by the record holder-way, you will have a feeling that you are floating above mountains. Only with the "3S" you can see the three resorts at once, the Krasnaya Polyana village and Olympic facilities - Sanki Luge Center and Laura Ski and Biathlon Complex. And it is just due to the fact that the "3S" moves on three ropes and stands only on five supports, one of which is 78 meters (the height of the 25-storeyed building). Altitude and fantastic beauty around make the heart soar! Each cabin of the "3S" is intended for transportation of 30 people and has big panoramic windows. If you want to treat yourself - welcome to the Chandelle Blanche Medi SPA & Beauty Lounge spa center in Grand Hotel Polyana or SPA complex in Polyana 1389 Hotel &Spa. If you travel with children don't pass up going to the Galaktika social and cultural center. Here is the only water park in Krasnaya Polyana with an outdoor heated pool with an eye to the mountains. Kids will like the children's village Africa and parents - waterslides, Jacuzzi, Finnish sauna and hamam. You can learn to skate on the ice arena, you can know your weight on other planets, to build a magnet bridge without nails and overlaps, to perform physics experiments, to go on a virtual journey through the Galaxy in the Umnikum and Kosmodrom children's interactive clubs. The services also include usual entertainments - bowling, snooker, cinema theater. Health care You can not only have a rest in the midst of the magnificent nature, but also build up your health in Gazprom Mountain Tourist Center: the resort has a health care center, which provides special health resort treatment programs. Experienced doctors will choose a wellness program especially for you. Highly specialized doctors also hold consultations, perform surgeries. 

Business tourism is an important part of modern corporate culture, and the desire to combine business and leisure is inherent in everyone who values time, money and their own health. Therefore, Sochi is the best place for business events! It is not for nothing that negotiations between heads of state are increasingly often taking place here.