What do most Russians think of when they hear the word “Sochi”? – The gentle and inviting sea, of course!

Just imagine: six months out of the year (from May to October) can be spent splashing about in azure waters, while the other six months can be spent safely sunbathing. For example, a temperature of +15 degrees is considered normal in January. Thus, in the ranking of Sochi attractions, the beaches definitely hold pride of place.

Everyone can find their own spot in the sun even during peak season.  The Sochi coastline is 146 kilometers long and has around 200 beaches. The majority of them are well-maintained and have rescue and medical posts, changing cabins, umbrellas and sun loungers, equipment rental shacks and children’s entertainment areas.

Each district of Sochi has its own distinct coastline. In the central part of the city, the embankment is arrayed with numerous cafes, restaurants and shops, and a green park area starts immediately behind them. Meanwhile, in Adler district, you will be amazed by the mountain views and the feeling of spaciousness.

Great attention is paid to the quality of sea water in Sochi. For instance, in 2021, 33 beaches were awarded the Blue Flag, which ensures compliance with global beach holiday standards. 

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Sochi is not only Russia’s summer capital, it is also the country’s spa capital. Some 66 health resorts operate in the city year round, including sanatoriums, guest houses and medical and recreational complexes. More than half the health resorts in the Krasnodar region are concentrated in the city.

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Sochi’s health resorts of today are not like the Soviet sanatoriums of the past. To cater to the widest variety of guests, almost every hotel offers its own signature spa program.

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