What is agrotourism and what does it involve? In Sochi it involves nutritious honey, exotic jam and local cheeses washed down with fragrant tea under the tart aroma of rare spices.

Agrotourism, as a relatively new branch of tourism for Russia, is a quite recent development. It is most clearly illustrated in Sochi – the flagship resort of our large and vast country. This resort oasis attracts tourists regardless of the time of year as it offers multiple vacation options for any season. You can also literally sample agrotourism at any time of the year.

To see firsthand how the world’s most northernmost tea is grown, stroll through scenic mountain surroundings and, of course, try products made from herbs and learn about the cultivation and collection of tea leaves – all this is possible at the Dagomys Tea Plantation located near the villages of Solokh-aul and Matsesta. At the Tea House estate, visitors can better understand Russian culture with its tea drinking tradition. And at the legendary Koshman estate, among other things, you can learn about the history of Krasnodar tea and the how it is produced in addition to seeing the century-old tea plantations.

You can evaluate local wine production with an excursion to the vineyards and listen to a lecture about the history of viticulture and winemaking in the Sochi district at the Vinegrower’s Estate in Adler district.

One can hear fascinating stories about the life and laws of the bee family, and sample honey and fragrant tea at the hospitable apiary of Gamzat Huseynov.

You can see how delicious organic vegetables and fruit are grown, how domestic goats and cows are bred, and how real cheese is made at the Exarcho (Matsesta) and Volino (Krasnaya Volya) farms located in the picturesque surroundings of the resort.

Volino farm operates its own local cheese factory. At a special “taste workshop” professionals make craft cheeses using unique Italian technology. They keep animals right there on the farm, giving care and attention to each goat.

At Exarcho farm, they grow organic vegetables and fruit and make various types of high-quality cheeses. The farm is especially proud of its equestrian club – The Constellation of Sochi, where elite sport horses are kept.

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The History of Sochi

Several millennia ago, the land around Sochi was inhabited by primitive tribes. This is evidenced by numerous finds: the ruins of fortresses, sites, caves, tools, and dolmens.


Business tourism is an important part of modern corporate culture, and the desire to combine business and leisure is inherent in everyone who values time, money and their own health. Therefore, Sochi is the best place for business events! It is not for nothing that negotiations between heads of state are increasingly often taking place here.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™

Sochi has several times held international events at the highest level possible. FIFA2017 Confederation Cup and 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ will become unprecedented world projects and big achievements of the city. Due to the World football tournaments well equipped football fields will be built in addition to the modern high tech football stadium Fisht. FIFA 2017 Confederation Cup matches made Sochi Resort very attractive for tourists thus having enhanced the tourist flow in long term perspective. Within the framework of FIFA 2017 Confederation Cup Sochi stadium Fisht held 4 matches: 3 qualifying matches on the 19th, 21st and the 25th of June, 2017, and the tournament semifinal on the 29th of June. The Confederation Cup viewers are a special category of viewers. Football fans of Australian, German, New Zealand, Mexican and Cameron teams, who have taken long hours flights only to see the national team play with their own eyes, could not but cause admiration. More than 115 thousand people came to Sochi matches. The football atmosphere spread through the city. Sochi received highest praise from the best football teams. Joachim Low, German National coach, called Sochi amazing. “All football players and football fans who had come from Germany liked the city very much. The beauty of Sochi, its infrastructure pleased them a lot. They also liked hospitality of people in Sochi. Whatever the tournament results will be, Sochi impresses us much” said Reinhard Grindel, German football Union President . Within the framework of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, Sochi will hold 6 matches: 4 qualifying matches on the 15th, 18th, 23d and 26th of June, 1/8 final on the 30th of June and 1/4 final on the 7th of July, 2018. In the first half of a day there will be held educational sports programs on the field; and during the day the fans will enjoy the music entertainment program, apart from football live transmissions. Russian and foreign pop Stars, and some regional music groups as well, will take part in the entertainment process. Different programs for the young viewers, visits of famous football players, express interviews with sportsmen, contests among the viewers and regional team plays are planned to take place on the “Fans Festival” field. Sochi invites you to take part in the 2018 World football event and visit 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ matches on Sochi stadium Fisht. Sochi fans and the Resort guests have now the opportunity to choose the matches and buy tickets to 2018 World football Cup. The schedules are already published - so we know what teams will play at what days. On the 1st of December the toss up results determined the matches that will be held in Sochi. The schedule for the 2018 World football Cup teams is as follows: In the Group Stage: 15th of June. Portugal versus Spain 18th of June. Belgium versus Panama 26th of June. Austria versus Peru 23d of June. Germany versus Swiss Final matches in Sochi: 30th of June. 1/8 final 7th of July. 1/4 final As you can see, Sochi will witness the results of four group stage matches and two semifinal. The matches will be held on the stadium Fisht, Adler district.