Sochi is one of the most beautiful, unique and extended cities in Russia. This amazing city stretches for 145 km along the Black Sea coast.

Today, Sochi is the largest resort city in Russia, an important transport hub and a major economic and cultural center of the Black Sea coast of Russia. The resort of Sochi is not only a popular city with many hotels, hostels, boarding houses and health centers. It is not just the sea and the mountains.

Unique ridges and mountain passes, winding canyons and enchanting waterfalls, ancient caves and mystical dolmens. Only there, thanks to the subtropical climate, you can see the northernmost tea plantations in the world, as well as magnolias, eucalyptus and palm trees growing in natural conditions.

Guests, who come to Sochi, get into the atmosphere of wellness, beach recreation and entertainment, sports spirit, amusement and excursions. The resort of Sochi is famous for its recreational facilities and natural monuments.
Eighty percent of the territory of the municipality is a specially protected natural area. The length of the landscaped beach area is almost 118 km, and there everyone can choose a hotel or a hostel to their liking. These are both historical hotels that were built in the Soviet era and modernized today, and strict modern business hotels that meet the highest requirements of comfort and convenience. The territory of the city of Sochi is arranged in a single architectural style, representing a highly individual architectural concept.

The modern city of Sochi is a pearl not only of the Krasnodar Krai, but also of the whole Russia. Thanks to a unique program to bring the resort to a uniform architectural concept, the city of Sochi has its own inimitable appearance.

The unique buildings of the Sochi railway station, which are architectural monuments of local significance and on the UNESCO red list, and the building of the Sochi seaport, an architectural monument of Federal significance, lead the ensemble of architectural attractions of the city of Sochi, both history and modern. The list of excursions and entertainment available to guests of the city is wide and diverse: from parks and embankments, waterfalls and lakes, mountain hiking routes to entertainment and extreme attractions, water parks, aquariums, dolphinariums, squares, parks of culture and recreation, and the Olympic Park.

Guests and lovers of cultural recreation can visit theaters and concert halls in Sochi;there are more than ten museums in the city. The repertoire of concert venues and Museum expositions correspond to the most diverse interests of visitors. Here you can visit the hall of organ and chamber music and a pop concert on an open platform, learn the history of sports glory of Russia or see Stalin’s Dacha.

Year-round active recreation in Sochi attracts more and more people today. After the XXII Olympic winter games were held in Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana became one of the most well-known ski resorts in the world. Now it is a complex of three completely new, modern ski resorts that combine ski slopes of different levels of complexity, as well as modern lifts, hotel infrastructure, as well as entertainment and congress events. Thanks to the warm subtropical air from the South and the Great Caucasus mountain range that protects the resort from the North, the place has an exceptionally mild climate and a unique quality of snow cover, which, perhaps, has no equal in the whole world.

In summer, the surrounding area of Krasnaya Polyana is a real Paradise of Alpine meadows and the purest mountain rivers and lakes, a Paradise for lovers of active recreation, such as sightseeing, hiking ascents to mountain peaks, rafting and horse riding, hence there is a unique extreme entertainment Park, two water parks at the top of 1500–2000 meters above sea level, rope towns, and other facilities.

Sochi is one of the largest year-round balneological resorts in the world and in Russia, an all-Russian health resort where the best spa and health centers of the Black Sea coast are located. The spa treatment, combined with a subtropical climate, warm mountain air, unique flora and the gentle sea create an amazing effect of rest and recovery of the body.

Thanks to the optimal combination of natural healing factors and the use of state-of-the-art equipment, Sochi health resorts have created unique conditions for improving health, getting rid of chronic diseases, and raising the tone.

The legendary Matsesta, a deposit of hydrogen sulfide springs is famous for its healing properties. It has made Sochi a center of pilgrimage for tourists who are in need of the healing power of nature.

Not only the sea is the main natural wealth of Sochi. Fifty kilometers from the seacoast, the city goes into the foothills and mountains of the Main Caucasus range. Its entire territory is included in the State Natural National Park and occupies a part of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve. Having left the coast, you can easily climb to a height of several thousand meters above sea level.

Additional information about Sochi:

  • Geographical coordinates of Sochi are 43°50 n.l. and 39°40 e. l.
  • The modern city of Sochi occupies 145 kilometers of the Black Sea eastern coast from the Magri to the Psou river.
  • Some peaks of the Caucasus range in the Sochi region raise to the height of more than 3000 meters, they are Chugush 3238 m, and Pseashkho 3256 m.
  • The climate is very humid, especially along the coast and, a similar climate to Sochi, is observed in the neighboring Abkhazia,as well as in the South-Eastern United States (Mississippi,Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia).
  • The favorable geographical location has brought the resort of Sochi the glory of the sunniest and warmest city in Russia.

Sochi has Twin cities. They are:

  • Weihai (China)
  • Long beach (USA)
  • Menton (France)
  • Pärnu (Estonia)
  • Rimini (Italy)
  • Trabzon (Turkey)
  • Cheltenham (England) Espoo (Finland)
  • Baden-Baden (Germany).


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