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Sochi health resort complex is the largest in Russia, represented by 65 health and spa resorts: sanatoriums, nursing homes and medical and health spa centers. More than 50% of all health resorts of Krasnodar Region are located in Sochi. The resorts possess highly developed treatment facilities, the best in Russian Federation. Alongside natural capacities they apply apparatus physiotherapy, diet therapy, therapeutic exercise, all kinds of hydrotherapy, massage, non conventional treatment. Our specialist using the combination of unique natural resources, traditional health resort treatment, new methods of treatment and high tech equipment, have worked out unparalleled recovery and rehabilitation complexes.

Sochi is a multi purpose resort, its therapeutic base concerns cardiovascular diseases, central and peripheral nervous system, osteo articulare system, reproductive diseases, dermatology and immune allergies.

In recent years Sochi resorts have deepened their specialization. Nowadays they offer treatment of respiratory diseases, digestive tract, endocrine system (in particular, thyroid problems), eyes illnesses, urinary, professional diseases, rehabilitation of citizens from high radiation zones, post-operational, post trauma keloid and hypertrophic scars treatment.

There is, of course, a great deal more than this. Big resorts have worked out specialized treatment and diagnostic methods: endoecological rehabilitation ( they clear the organism on a cellular level. For the method, professor J. M. Levin was awarded the State Prize of Russia. The method focuses on natural healing factors, herbs, vitamins and bio minerals to clear the intestines and liver. It involves massage, mineral water intake, intestines irrigation, baths, Jacuzzi, physiotherapy etc), weight loss methods: “Healthy Spine”, “Anti-stress”, “Beauty and Health”, “Fresh Wind”, “Easy Gait”, “Silk Way” and others. Specialized departments were opened: monitor intestines irrigation, api therapy , hydrotherapy, reflexology, psychotherapy and relaxation, manual therapy, ozone therapy, cosmetology, ear, nose and throat department and dentistries.

Nowadays Sochi can easily compete with famous health resorts of France, Belgium, Czeck republic and Italy.

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Mineral springs of diverse content run in Sochi District. The resort is not yet widely known as the one where you can drink mineral water. Nowadays four mineral springs are used for illness prevention and treatment. Mineral water comes from Chvizhepse, Mamayskiy, Plastunskiy and Volkonkiy springs. Twenty three sites for the exploration of mineral springs have been already planned. The first springhouse (buvette) opened in 2008.  All mineral springs’ water contains high levels of minerals (1, 2-7 grams/ liter). It has bromine and fluorine that give it a purported therapeutic value, and other dissolved substances (bromine, iron and silicone in acid form).  Sochi mineral waters contain chemicals and microelements for strong therapeutic effect. Mineral water is obtained to pour into bottles and sell as healing table water and healing mineral water, and city resorts use it for treatment. People drink mineral water raw and technologically processed. New springhouses will be built in the nearest future.  All drinkable mineral waters in Sochi contain fluoride making it possible to use the water for tooth decay prevention, to remove radionuclides and heavy metals salts.  Not only the chemical composition, but also the intake regime (before, after or between the meals), the temperature of the water, the gases contain or their absence influence the therapeutic value of the mineral water. At any rate, the resort patients drink mineral water strictly following medical prescriptions.  Plastunskiy mineral spring - sub thermal (31C) hydro carbonated sodium bromine water, fluoride high, low mineral (M - 1, 8 gram/ liter) low alkaline mineral water. It is obtained from Plastunskiy mineral spring, 550 meters deep. The spring, opened in 1971, is located in Khosta district, to the north from Plastunka village. While drinking, it regenerates the mucous membrane of stomach and intestines, removes radionuclides, pesticides and salts of heavy metals, normalizes oxidation-reduction process and metabolism, strengthens muscular body tone and natural resistance.  Lazarevskiy mineral spring - hydro-carbonated chloride sodium alkaline mineral water, low mineral (M - 2, 0 - 5, 0 gr/l) fluoride, Bohr and iodine high, contains therapeutic bromine and silicon. The water is obtained from Volkonskiy spring, located in Lazarevskiy district in valleys Tsuskhvadzh and Chudo Krasotka, 250-550 meters deep. The spring has two exploration sites Samshytovy and Solonikovskiy. While drinking, it facilitates recovery processes, stimulates immune system, regenerates the mucous stomach and intestines membranes, removes radionuclides, pesticides and heavy metals salts, normalizes oxidation-reduction processes and metabolism, and strengthens muscular body tone and natural resistance.  Chvizhepse spring water - low mineral carbon dioxide calcium sodium, arsenic trihydride mineral water, Bohr, lithium and iron high. It stimulates blood cells formation, regulates oxidation-reduction processes, and regenerates the mucous stomach membrane.  Spring #7 mineral water - low mineral (M - 3, 3 - 5, 0 gr/ l) carbon dioxide hydro-carbonated calcium sodium arsenic mineral water, obtained from the spring 700 meters deep. It stimulates blood circulation, regulates oxidation-reduction processes, and regenerates the mucous stomach membrane. At pouring sites, it is called Medvezhiy Ugol, Gorny Istochnik.  Drinking mineral waters buvettes - springhouses.  Sochi Resorts hold large-scale construction of special springhouses - called buvettes. One can come across with numerous springs of healing mineral water. In order not to waste away the rich gifts of nature, Kuban resorts reinforce complex construction of drinking buvettes. A buvette (French buvette) is a balneo tech device, used to drink mineral water of the spring. It preserves the chemical composition of water and prevents its pollution. Three real buvettes operate in Sochi, located in Riviera Sochi Park, near Winter Theatre and at the territory of spa resorts in Adler. The buvettes pour Plastunskiy spring mineral water. 

During the period from 20 to 22 November 2019, Sochi will host a large-scale tourist event. For the first time on the multifunctional complex Rosa Khutor Resort Rosa Hall venue there will be the integration of two tourism industry major events: the International Tourism Forum SIFT-2019 and the All-Russian Congress of Tour Operators and Travel Agents: November 20-22, 2019: All-Russian Congress of Tour Operators and Travel Agents November 21-22, 2019: XXVI International Tourism Exhibition Resorts and tourism. Season 2019-2020; XX international specialized exhibition Hotel and restaurant Business 2019; Business program Domestic and inbound tourism. Conceptual issues and practical solutions; Workshop. November 16-20, 2019: Familiarization and educational tours of Sochi resort and business facilities VI International Tourism Forum SIFT-2019, which is the main business platform for domestic and inbound tourism in Russia, will open a huge potential of the tourism market and provide the best working conditions for industry professionals. Forum organizers - Administration of Krasnodar Krai, Ministry of resorts, tourism and the Olympic legacy of Krasnodar Krai, Sochi city Administration. The organizer of the exhibition is LLC SOUD – Sochinskiye Vystavki (Sochi Exhibitions). The business program coordinator is tour operator Alean. With the assistance of The Federal Agency for Tourism, The Russian Tourism Industry Union, The Russian Hotel Association, The Tour Assistance Association, Krasnodar Krai Chamber of Commerce Board, Sochi Chamber of Commerce Board. The event will be attended by representatives the Russian Federation Government, Ministry of economic development of Russia, Ministry of culture, Ministry of transport of Russia, Central Bank of Russia, the Federation Council and State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Russian Board of Underwriters, and open associations of the tourist industry. The program of the forum traditionally includes familiarization and educational tours of the objects of the resort and business Sochi, in which subject matter specialists will be able to participate. SIFT in Sochi provides a new atmosphere helping to establish specific trade contacts required for business efficiency. Sochi platform is of the Federal scale and combines several business formats - an exhibition, a business program and a so-called practical program that allows the participants and guests of the Tourism Forum to efficiently resolve their business matters. SIFT forum provides a unique opportunity to participate in or attend the leading domestic and inbound tourism business event of 2019 in Russia, to demonstrate achievements in tourism, share experiences, learn new trends and improve professional skills. Detailed information is available on the official website of the event: For participation, partnership and more information, please contact the Forum Organizing Committee: +7 (862) 262-25-38, 262-26-93,,

Spa and Wellness holidays in Sochi during the off-season are the best choice for those who want to relax and recuperate at the best price.