Health and spa resort Matsesta

Matsesta resort is the largest health and spa resort complex in Russia, founded in 1902 on hydrosulfuric waters of Matsesta spring.

Sochi resort specialists have worked out unique, recognized all over the world, methods to treat post operative and post injury trauma, gynaecological problems, osteo-articular diseases with the help of Matsesta water baths.

There exists a fascinating legend about the way Matsesta springs appeared.

The birth of Matsesta.

At night when a daughter was born in the family of a highlander Kerenduk, the mountain river reflected the Moon like a flame. So Kerenduk following the tradition of that times called his daughter Matsesta - which means flame water. Parents loved their daughter with all their hearts and she was very attentive and caring to them.

The healing water.

Once when her parents got very ill a holly man told Matsesta that there was a magic underground source which healing waters could cure her parents. The girl swore to get the water at any price. She got into the cave and started an unequal fight with an evil underground spirit that preserved the water from people.

The victory price.

The brave girl conquered the evil spirit and digged the source way to people. But she gave her life to do that. Since that time, in honor of that brave girl, the curing water that brings people health is called in the name of the wonderful girl - Matsesta!

Indications for treatment: Cardiovascular system diseases (arterial hypertension and hypotension, ischemic heart disease and so on); Osteo-articular diseases (osteochondrosis, poly arthritis and so on); Skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis, diathesis and so on); Gynecological diseases (chronic adnexal affection, sterility, adhesive process etc); Blood vessel and nervous diseases (thrombophlebitis, endarteritis, varix dilatation, plexitis, neurosis etc); Central nervous system (CNS) diseases (neuro-circulatory dystonia, post trauma encephalopathy, migraines etc); Post operational and post trauma keloids and hypertrophic scars; Mouth cavity and gums diseases (periodontitis, paradontose, gingivitis, stomatitis etc); Nasal cavity diseases and paranasal sinuses (chronic tonsillitis, maxillitis and sinusitis etc).

Treatment procedures: Hydrosulphuric procedures; General hydrosulphuric bath; 4 chamber bath; Local procedures (inhalation, microclyster, head spraying, gynecological spraying, gums spraying, uprising shower); Lodine-bromine baths; Radon baths; Seawater bath; Pine baths; Pine and pearl baths.

Phyto baths: Antirheumatic bath; Valeriana; Anti cold bath; Rozmary; Lodine-bromine inhalation, gum spraying with iodine-bromine, gynecological spraying with radon; Paraffin and ozoketirotherapy; Manual massage; Mud bath; Underwater massage shower.

In this section you can learn about the main principles of Matsesta health and spa resort treatment, its indications and contraindications.

Attention: Matsesta health and spa resort provides strictly individual treatment, only in accordance with your practitioner prescription.

Matsesta baths influence blood circulation in general: blood pressure changes, palpitations slow down, breathing intensifies. Hydrosulphuric baths greatly affect nervous processes and reflexes, the structure of central nervous and peripheral nervous systems. Hydro sulphuric baths, affecting body metabolism, are used as a part of complex health resort treatment of osteo-articular diseases, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, neuro endocrine pathology.

Many years of scientific and practical research have provided scientific data for the indications to undertake health resort treatment.

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