Sochi Mineral Waters

One of Sochi’s true treasures is its mineral waters. The therapeutic effect of these waters lies in the combination of chemical trace elements. The water can be used both naturally and after processing.

Almost all the mineral water in Sochi is characterised by the following features: a relatively low level of mineralisation (1.2–7g/l); therapeutically significant concentrations of boron and fluorine; and the presence of a number of biologically active components such as iron, bromine and silicon.  

The high fluorine content of Sochi’s mineral waters means that it can be recommended for the treatment and prevention of dental caries, as well as for the active removal of radionuclides and heavy metal salts from the body. 

The type and chemical composition of water, as well as the method of intake (before, after or between meals), temperature, and the presence or absence of gases have significance for various diseases. The various drinking waters used for therapeutic purposes in Sochi’s health spas are all prescribed by doctors.

The most popular water sources in Sochi are Volkonskoye, Mamayskoye, Plastunskoye and Chvizhepse.


is located in the valleys of the Tsuskhvadzh and Chudo-Krasotka rivers in
Sochi’s Lazarevsky District. Water is extracted from a depth of 250–550 metres. Consuming the water improves adaptation processes in cells, increases the body’s immune system, and improves the regeneration processes of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. The water also promotes the elimination of radionuclides and heavy metals from the body, normalises the metabolism, and helps increase the body’s overall muscle tone and resistance to illness.

Mamayskoye is also located in Sochi’s Lazarevsky District, in the valley of the Mamayka river. Extraction of water from this source began in 1982. Mamaysky water promotes the regeneration of the gastric mucosa, lowers cholesterol, stimulates the process of haematopoiesis and cell metabolism, normalises blood viscosity, improves calcium metabolism, normalises the biosynthesis of thyroid hormones, stimulates nonspecific immunity, and promotes the elimination of radionuclides and pesticides from the body.     

Plastunsky is located in Sochi’s Khostinsky District, north of the village of Plastunka.  The source was opened in 1971 and the water is extracted from a depth of 550 metres. When used as a drinking cure, the water promotes the regeneration of the mucous membranes in the stomach and intestines and the elimination of radionuclides, pesticides and heavy metal salts from the body, normalises redox and metabolic processes, and improves the body’s overall muscle tone and resistance to illness. 

Chvizhepse is located in Sochi’s Adler District. The water here is extracted from a depth of 700 metres and helps with blood circulation, the regulation of tissue respiration, redox processes, and the regeneration of the gastric mucosa. When bottled, it is sold under the names “Medvezhy Ugol” and “Mountain Spring.”

Mineral Water Drinking Fountains

To ensure that as many guests as possible can reap the beneficial effects of Sochi’s mineral waters, the city’s authorities have installed mineral water drinking fountains across the city – something that is completely new in health spa treatment.

The richest sources of this elixir can be found in the Riviera Park near the Winter Theatre, and in the resort town of Adler. The fountains are filled with Plastunsky mineral water. 

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Spectacular events, world festivals and must-see entertainment – all this is available in the city of the “black nights.” Every year, visitors to Sochi can attend Formula 1 races, the Kinotavr film festival, the Velvet Seasons fashion show, the KVN comedy and improvisation festival, the Sochi International Jazz festival, the New Wave international young performers competition, the Yuri Bashmet Winter International Arts Festival, the Young Ballet of the World competition, the Theatrical Olympus festival and many others.   For all these events, Sochi has the largest venues equipped to the world’s most modern standards: the legendary Winter Theater, the Organ and Chamber Music Hall, and the Sirius, Festival and Roza Hall concert halls. It is difficult to imagine a cultural event that has not happened or will not happen in Sochi! The Air Show, the Balloon Festival, the World Fireworks Championship, an ultra-modern show of lighting technologies, the majestic multimedia show Revived Park in the Southern Cultures Park have all been held here, along with repeated performances of the famous Cirque du Soleil. The holiday city provides a generous supply of vivid impressions every day and all year round. Take it from us, you can’t miss THIS!


During the period from 20 to 22 November 2019, Sochi will host a large-scale tourist event. For the first time on the multifunctional complex Rosa Khutor Resort Rosa Hall venue there will be the integration of two tourism industry major events: the International Tourism Forum SIFT-2019 and the All-Russian Congress of Tour Operators and Travel Agents: November 20-22, 2019: All-Russian Congress of Tour Operators and Travel Agents November 21-22, 2019: XXVI International Tourism Exhibition Resorts and tourism. Season 2019-2020; XX international specialized exhibition Hotel and restaurant Business 2019; Business program Domestic and inbound tourism. Conceptual issues and practical solutions; Workshop. November 16-20, 2019: Familiarization and educational tours of Sochi resort and business facilities VI International Tourism Forum SIFT-2019, which is the main business platform for domestic and inbound tourism in Russia, will open a huge potential of the tourism market and provide the best working conditions for industry professionals. Forum organizers - Administration of Krasnodar Krai, Ministry of resorts, tourism and the Olympic legacy of Krasnodar Krai, Sochi city Administration. The organizer of the exhibition is LLC SOUD – Sochinskiye Vystavki (Sochi Exhibitions). The business program coordinator is tour operator Alean. With the assistance of The Federal Agency for Tourism, The Russian Tourism Industry Union, The Russian Hotel Association, The Tour Assistance Association, Krasnodar Krai Chamber of Commerce Board, Sochi Chamber of Commerce Board. The event will be attended by representatives the Russian Federation Government, Ministry of economic development of Russia, Ministry of culture, Ministry of transport of Russia, Central Bank of Russia, the Federation Council and State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Russian Board of Underwriters, and open associations of the tourist industry. The program of the forum traditionally includes familiarization and educational tours of the objects of the resort and business Sochi, in which subject matter specialists will be able to participate. SIFT in Sochi provides a new atmosphere helping to establish specific trade contacts required for business efficiency. Sochi platform is of the Federal scale and combines several business formats - an exhibition, a business program and a so-called practical program that allows the participants and guests of the Tourism Forum to efficiently resolve their business matters. SIFT forum provides a unique opportunity to participate in or attend the leading domestic and inbound tourism business event of 2019 in Russia, to demonstrate achievements in tourism, share experiences, learn new trends and improve professional skills. Detailed information is available on the official website of the event: For participation, partnership and more information, please contact the Forum Organizing Committee: +7 (862) 262-25-38, 262-26-93,,

The V-th International Tourism Forum in Sochi SIFT-2018

From 22 to 23 November 2018 the V-th International Tourist Forum SIFT was held in the resort city of Sochi, which has deservedly become one of the most important business platform for domestic and inbound tourism in Russia.