Sochi mineral springs and their therapeutic value

Mineral springs of diverse content run in Sochi District. The resort is not yet widely known as the one where you can drink mineral water. Nowadays four mineral springs are used for illness prevention and treatment. Mineral water comes from Chvizhepse, Mamayskiy, Plastunskiy and Volkonkiy springs. Twenty three sites for the exploration of mineral springs have been already planned. The first springhouse (buvette) opened in 2008. 

All mineral springs’ water contains high levels of minerals (1, 2-7 grams/ liter). It has bromine and fluorine that give it a purported therapeutic value, and other dissolved substances (bromine, iron and silicone in acid form). 

Sochi mineral waters contain chemicals and microelements for strong therapeutic effect. Mineral water is obtained to pour into bottles and sell as healing table water and healing mineral water, and city resorts use it for treatment. People drink mineral water raw and technologically processed. New springhouses will be built in the nearest future. 

All drinkable mineral waters in Sochi contain fluoride making it possible to use the water for tooth decay prevention, to remove radionuclides and heavy metals salts. 

Not only the chemical composition, but also the intake regime (before, after or between the meals), the temperature of the water, the gases contain or their absence influence the therapeutic value of the mineral water. At any rate, the resort patients drink mineral water strictly following medical prescriptions. 

Plastunskiy mineral spring - sub thermal (31C) hydro carbonated sodium bromine water, fluoride high, low mineral (M - 1, 8 gram/ liter) low alkaline mineral water. It is obtained from Plastunskiy mineral spring, 550 meters deep. The spring, opened in 1971, is located in Khosta district, to the north from Plastunka village. While drinking, it regenerates the mucous membrane of stomach and intestines, removes radionuclides, pesticides and salts of heavy metals, normalizes oxidation-reduction process and metabolism, strengthens muscular body tone and natural resistance. 

Lazarevskiy mineral spring - hydro-carbonated chloride sodium alkaline mineral water, low mineral (M - 2, 0 - 5, 0 gr/l) fluoride, Bohr and iodine high, contains therapeutic bromine and silicon. The water is obtained from Volkonskiy spring, located in Lazarevskiy district in valleys Tsuskhvadzh and Chudo Krasotka, 250-550 meters deep. The spring has two exploration sites Samshytovy and Solonikovskiy. While drinking, it facilitates recovery processes, stimulates immune system, regenerates the mucous stomach and intestines membranes, removes radionuclides, pesticides and heavy metals salts, normalizes oxidation-reduction processes and metabolism, and strengthens muscular body tone and natural resistance. 

Chvizhepse spring water - low mineral carbon dioxide calcium sodium, arsenic trihydride mineral water, Bohr, lithium and iron high. It stimulates blood cells formation, regulates oxidation-reduction processes, and regenerates the mucous stomach membrane. 
Spring #7 mineral water - low mineral (M - 3, 3 - 5, 0 gr/ l) carbon dioxide hydro-carbonated calcium sodium arsenic mineral water, obtained from the spring 700 meters deep. It stimulates blood circulation, regulates oxidation-reduction processes, and regenerates the mucous stomach membrane. At pouring sites, it is called Medvezhiy Ugol, Gorny Istochnik. 

Drinking mineral waters buvettes - springhouses. 

Sochi Resorts hold large-scale construction of special springhouses - called buvettes. One can come across with numerous springs of healing mineral water. In order not to waste away the rich gifts of nature, Kuban resorts reinforce complex construction of drinking buvettes. A buvette (French buvette) is a balneo tech device, used to drink mineral water of the spring. It preserves the chemical composition of water and prevents its pollution. Three real buvettes operate in Sochi, located in Riviera Sochi Park, near Winter Theatre and at the territory of spa resorts in Adler. The buvettes pour Plastunskiy spring mineral water. 

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For many dozens of years, Sochi health resorts with their therapy programs and swimming pool facilities have been attracting large numbers of guests. Whereas in Soviet times it was almost impossible to get the package holiday tour to the city of black nights, today it is much easier to achieve the dream — just pick the time, the place and buy the desired tour in any travel agency. Sochi health resorts today offer their guests a variety of therapy programs. As a rule, each of those resorts has its individual profile, in accordance with which it provides highly specialized treatment courses for a number of disorders: ENT and respiratory system nervous and musculoskeletal systems skin disorders associated with digestion and gastrointestinal tract blood and blood-forming organs eyesight related and others (in principle, if desired, it is possible to choose any highly specialized program). In addition to treatment courses, the resorts offer the diagnostic and preventive therapy including anti-stress, beauty and health maintenance, immune bolstering and many others.

In increasing frequency the reason for a trip to the resort comes to be the event, which is defined as ”I just can’t miss it!”. It may be a festival, a concert, or an exhibition as tourists are attracted by a variety of formats, so the Sochi events calendar content and diversity is able to compete with the world capitals! What is especially nice, with interesting events taking place all the year round, there are almost no blank pages in that calendar, so Sochi can be called an all-season cultural resort. Kinotavr Film Festival, Velvet Seasons in Sochi Fashion Festival, Wits and Humour Club or KVN Festival, Crescendo International Music Festival, Akvadzhaz International Festival, and the New Wave international contest of young pop singers are held in Sochi every year. Thanks to the Cultural Olympics Sochi recurrently hosts a number of international and national events such as the Winter Festival of arts under the direction of Yuri Bashmet, Young Ballet of the world, Theatrical Olympus. The festival events, concerts of the best performers and musical groups are held at the legendary Zimniy Theatre, and the eternal classics are played in the Sochi Hall of Organ and Chamber music; the popular artistes perform close to the sea – in the Festivalniy, and in the mountains – in the brand new Rosa Hall. At the same time, significant cultural events rarely stay within the boundaries of the stage or concert venues: in consonance with the distinctive spirit of southern cities, Sochi invariably splashes the joviality into the streets and squares. Often, in order to become a spectator and even a participant of a magnificent show, you do not need to buy tickets! For example, the Grand celebration in honor of the holiday season opening - the Carnaval Sochi Fest - annually attracts more than 20 000 spectators who with excitement watch the carnival all along its way from Zimniy Teatr to the square by the Southern Mall. It is difficult to imagine a cultural event that has not yet been, is not, or will not take place in Sochi! The famous Cirque du Soleil performed here many times, and as well as that the city hosted air shows, hot air balloon festivals, the World championship of Fireworks, light shows, and the state of the art technology and magnificent multimedia Fountain Show. The audience and the organizers of major activities, and the talented ambitious directors and artistes are so interested in the main Russian resort that a considerable number of events takes place here with the specification of “only in Sochi”. For example, a number of inimitable shows such as circus musicals and diverse genre performances get specially designed for the new Sochi performance locations Sochi Park and Rosa Khutor in order to intrinsically fit into their unique landscapes. The festival city is generously bestowing amazing impressions on its visitors all the year round and every day. Believe me, YOU just simply cannot miss this! Download the action plan for 2019.

What is agri-tourism and what is it “eaten with”? In Sochi, it is eaten with healing honey, exotic jam, and local cheeses, and washed down with fragrant tea in the atmosphere of piquant aroma of the exotic spices.