rehabilitation and treatment

Remedial factors of the resort

A resort is protected zone, rich for natural resources, explored and used for illness prevention and treatment. Natural remedial resources are mineral springs, muds, landscape and climate conditions used for treatment and prevention of diseases and recreation. The resorts around the world, taking into consideration their remedial factors, can subdivided into climate resorts, balneotherapeutic resorts and sulphuric mud resorts. The resorts combining all the factors mentioned above or almost all known and used nowadays natural recreational resources are considered unique. Sochi is the one - leading resort city on the territory of the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar Region, the largest resort in Russia. Wild subtropical climate, warm unfreezing Sea, lush vegetation, beautiful landscapes, the richest hydrothermal springs base* provide ideal conditions to build multi profile and multi purpose resort: seaside climatic, spa and mud resort, mineral water, mountain climatic resort. The terrain. Sochi is rich for diverse landscapes and exotic natural objects: hilly foothills, coastal lowlands, snowy mountain peaks, valleys among the rocks, waterfalls and canyons with mountain rivers, caves, lakes, parks and forest parks create a picturesque view and produce positive emotional impact. Such diverse terrain of the territory makes it highly attractive for tourists and determines remedial factors of the climate. Sochi climate was formed under the influence of warm Black Sea basin and the Caucasian mountains preventing cold northern winds from blowing into the city. That is why the Black Sea coast stretching from Adler to Tuapse is a unique territory in Russia with mild subtropical climate. And this is the northernmost district in the climatic zone. There are two climatic periods in Sochi: warm period - from May to October and cold period - from November to April. The calendar winter is mild and lacks frosts. Average temperature in January is about +5C +6C. In March the sun is already rich for erithermal rays which makes it possible to not only sunbathe but also to get a stable southern suntan. Summer heat is softened by cool breezes from the sea and by fens - warm winds from the mountains. Clear cloudless weather predominates. Average temperatures in July are +23C +23C. Autumn is dry and warm, lasts long and is called “Velvet Season”. Average temperatures and air humidity greatly affect people’s health, especially patients with cardiovascular diseases. Total precipitation a year, 1500-2000 inches. Sunshine amounts for 2250 hours a year. Annual sun radiance is 117ccal/square sm. Average air humidity is about 75%-80%. Climate of Sochi Resort is characterized by the combination of average long term factors, which, being comfortable for people, create the most beneficial conditions for the recovery and sufficiently increase the specific treatment effectiveness. At the same time the effect of the combination of all the remedial factors taken together greatly increases the effectiveness of each of them. The most important role in the recovery process plays the switch from patient’s usual environment with its common stresses to more comfortable conditions of the resort. Pure and fresh air of the coastal climate of Sochi, rich for ozon and sea salts, intense sunshine, lack of abrupt temperature changes improve muscle body tone, strengthen mind and body. Sun therapy (heliotherapy) and air therapy play the most important role in climate environmental therapy. Heliotherapy. Due to the geographical location of Sochi resort the sun reaches its highest position in the sky over the horizon from 23 grades in December to 70 grades in June, which determines high level of sun radiation. That is the optimal level of ultra- violet rays for people. UV radiation causes diverse physical reaction of all human organs and systems. Under the influence of sun rays human body elaborates active biological substances; oxygen restoration processes and metabolism increase, body gas exchange improves. Long wave rays (infrared and warm) that amount for about 70% of sun radiation mostly have heating effect on human body. They penetrate up to 4 centimeters into the skin and the underlying tissues, dilate blood vessels thus resolving the seats of chronic inflammatory processes. Short wave UV rays penetrate 0,6-1 millimeters into the skin but their biological activity is much higher than that of the long wave UV rays: they have a preventive, germicide and pigmentary effect; stimulate vitamins synthesis, improve skin, activate and anticipate enzymes and immune system. However long exposure to direct sun rays, especially in summer months, can cause sun overdose which threatens not only sunburns but even worse consequences. Air therapy. Therapeutic effects of Sochi air is determined by its purity (almost complete absence of dust and microbes), high levels of iodine, nitrogen and oxygen, phytoncides and ions. Fresh air cures oxygen deficiency. Sea breeze increases functionals of breathing and cardiovascular systems, deepens breath, improves gas exchange and stimulates dermal and vascular reflexes. Air ions, active biological substances, improve lungs ventilation; stimulate oxygen extraction and carbon dioxide excretion, metabolism and vitamin synthesis, immune system; increase the number of red cells and the level of hemoglobin in blood, mental and physical skills. Air ions are held in the air at a distance of 200 meters from the sea brink. In spring and in summer, strong winds and big waves increase their content in the air. Air therapy can be taken all year round, it includes staying dressed in the open air, sleeping outside, taking air baths. Vegetation characteristic to mild subtropical climate has a vast diversity of growing species. Forests and forest parks take up to 80% of the resort territory. The green zone if the resort plays an important part in the process of treatment. Produced by plants, Phytonicides - essential oils in the air - prevent microbes and viruses, improve breathing, normalize heart rate and blood pressure, trigger oxidation process and metabolism, reduce inflammatory process in the broncho pulmonary system. Thus the sea side park zone proves to be a natural inhalation. The term “ tallasic therapy “ is widely spread nowadays. The term stands for complex influence of sea air, sun radiation and swimming in the sea, ie - it is sea coast climate therapy. It is the basic method of treatment and illness prevention in most seaside towns. Black Sea is the warmest sea in Russia. An average temperature of water in Sochi District in August reaches +27C +28C. The beach season lasts 6-7 months a year. Black Sea water represents a complex set of physical, chemical and biological features. The mineralized surface layers of Black Sea water comprises 18,5 grams/ liter. The concentration of bromine in the Black Sea waters is similar to middle bromide-iodine concentration of Ust-Kachka resort water or iodine-bromide water of Khadyzhensky spring. The application of sea waters for treatment has been widely spread since the ancient times. Doctors in ancient Egypt prescribed their patients sea baths. Antique doctors prescribed to take Sea water to cure stomach, bladder diseases and anaemia. Nowadays sea baths take the leading role in world resorts therapy. A number of factors influence human body while bathing. Cold effect of sea water due to the difference in the air and sea thermal conductivity, hydrostatic pressure, physical activity and the emotions to the bathing greatly influence hemodynamics (blood circulation), change blood supply in organs and tissues, have frank hypotensive effect, decrease heart palpitations, stimulate metabolism. While bathing, electrolytes may penetrate in the skin, thus stimulating metabolism and cells functions, normalizing the nerves, the sea rate, the blood morphology; stimulating adrenal cortical synthesis; increasing the skin sensitivity to UV rays (be careful while sunbathing!). The city health resorts mostly use: swimming and bathing in the sea or in the swimming pools with sea water, sea baths. Sea water is used for inhalation, gargling, all sorts of spraying and washing, showers and for pine, herbal and different mud baths. Hydro thermal springs base of the Resort* Mineral Springs - underground (less likely surface) springs that produce water containing high level of minerals or other dissolved substances, salts, sulfur compounds and the gases that alter its taste or give it a purported therapeutic value. 

Health and spa resort Matsesta

Matsesta resort is the largest health and spa resort complex in Russia, founded in 1902 on hydrosulfuric waters of Matsesta spring. Sochi resort specialists have worked out unique, recognized all over the world, methods to treat post operative and post injury trauma, gynaecological problems, osteo-articular diseases with the help of Matsesta water baths. There exists a fascinating legend about the way Matsesta springs appeared. The birth of Matsesta. At night when a daughter was born in the family of a highlander Kerenduk, the mountain river reflected the Moon like a flame. So Kerenduk following the tradition of that times called his daughter Matsesta - which means flame water. Parents loved their daughter with all their hearts and she was very attentive and caring to them. The healing water. Once when her parents got very ill a holly man told Matsesta that there was a magic underground source which healing waters could cure her parents. The girl swore to get the water at any price. She got into the cave and started an unequal fight with an evil underground spirit that preserved the water from people. The victory price. The brave girl conquered the evil spirit and digged the source way to people. But she gave her life to do that. Since that time, in honor of that brave girl, the curing water that brings people health is called in the name of the wonderful girl - Matsesta! Indications for treatment: Cardiovascular system diseases (arterial hypertension and hypotension, ischemic heart disease and so on); Osteo-articular diseases (osteochondrosis, poly arthritis and so on); Skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis, diathesis and so on); Gynecological diseases (chronic adnexal affection, sterility, adhesive process etc); Blood vessel and nervous diseases (thrombophlebitis, endarteritis, varix dilatation, plexitis, neurosis etc); Central nervous system (CNS) diseases (neuro-circulatory dystonia, post trauma encephalopathy, migraines etc); Post operational and post trauma keloids and hypertrophic scars; Mouth cavity and gums diseases (periodontitis, paradontose, gingivitis, stomatitis etc); Nasal cavity diseases and paranasal sinuses (chronic tonsillitis, maxillitis and sinusitis etc). Treatment procedures: Hydrosulphuric procedures; General hydrosulphuric bath; 4 chamber bath; Local procedures (inhalation, microclyster, head spraying, gynecological spraying, gums spraying, uprising shower); Lodine-bromine baths; Radon baths; Seawater bath; Pine baths; Pine and pearl baths. Phyto baths: Antirheumatic bath; Valeriana; Anti cold bath; Rozmary; Lodine-bromine inhalation, gum spraying with iodine-bromine, gynecological spraying with radon; Paraffin and ozoketirotherapy; Manual massage; Mud bath; Underwater massage shower. In this section you can learn about the main principles of Matsesta health and spa resort treatment, its indications and contraindications. Attention: Matsesta health and spa resort provides strictly individual treatment, only in accordance with your practitioner prescription. Matsesta baths influence blood circulation in general: blood pressure changes, palpitations slow down, breathing intensifies. Hydrosulphuric baths greatly affect nervous processes and reflexes, the structure of central nervous and peripheral nervous systems. Hydro sulphuric baths, affecting body metabolism, are used as a part of complex health resort treatment of osteo-articular diseases, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, neuro endocrine pathology. Many years of scientific and practical research have provided scientific data for the indications to undertake health resort treatment.

Sochi mineral springs and their therapeutic value

Mineral springs of diverse content run in Sochi District. The resort is not yet widely known as the one where you can drink mineral water. Nowadays four mineral springs are used for illness prevention and treatment. Mineral water comes from Chvizhepse, Mamayskiy, Plastunskiy and Volkonkiy springs. Twenty three sites for the exploration of mineral springs have been already planned. The first springhouse (buvette) opened in 2008.  All mineral springs’ water contains high levels of minerals (1, 2-7 grams/ liter). It has bromine and fluorine that give it a purported therapeutic value, and other dissolved substances (bromine, iron and silicone in acid form).  Sochi mineral waters contain chemicals and microelements for strong therapeutic effect. Mineral water is obtained to pour into bottles and sell as healing table water and healing mineral water, and city resorts use it for treatment. People drink mineral water raw and technologically processed. New springhouses will be built in the nearest future.  All drinkable mineral waters in Sochi contain fluoride making it possible to use the water for tooth decay prevention, to remove radionuclides and heavy metals salts.  Not only the chemical composition, but also the intake regime (before, after or between the meals), the temperature of the water, the gases contain or their absence influence the therapeutic value of the mineral water. At any rate, the resort patients drink mineral water strictly following medical prescriptions.  Plastunskiy mineral spring - sub thermal (31C) hydro carbonated sodium bromine water, fluoride high, low mineral (M - 1, 8 gram/ liter) low alkaline mineral water. It is obtained from Plastunskiy mineral spring, 550 meters deep. The spring, opened in 1971, is located in Khosta district, to the north from Plastunka village. While drinking, it regenerates the mucous membrane of stomach and intestines, removes radionuclides, pesticides and salts of heavy metals, normalizes oxidation-reduction process and metabolism, strengthens muscular body tone and natural resistance.  Lazarevskiy mineral spring - hydro-carbonated chloride sodium alkaline mineral water, low mineral (M - 2, 0 - 5, 0 gr/l) fluoride, Bohr and iodine high, contains therapeutic bromine and silicon. The water is obtained from Volkonskiy spring, located in Lazarevskiy district in valleys Tsuskhvadzh and Chudo Krasotka, 250-550 meters deep. The spring has two exploration sites Samshytovy and Solonikovskiy. While drinking, it facilitates recovery processes, stimulates immune system, regenerates the mucous stomach and intestines membranes, removes radionuclides, pesticides and heavy metals salts, normalizes oxidation-reduction processes and metabolism, and strengthens muscular body tone and natural resistance.  Chvizhepse spring water - low mineral carbon dioxide calcium sodium, arsenic trihydride mineral water, Bohr, lithium and iron high. It stimulates blood cells formation, regulates oxidation-reduction processes, and regenerates the mucous stomach membrane.  Spring #7 mineral water - low mineral (M - 3, 3 - 5, 0 gr/ l) carbon dioxide hydro-carbonated calcium sodium arsenic mineral water, obtained from the spring 700 meters deep. It stimulates blood circulation, regulates oxidation-reduction processes, and regenerates the mucous stomach membrane. At pouring sites, it is called Medvezhiy Ugol, Gorny Istochnik.  Drinking mineral waters buvettes - springhouses.  Sochi Resorts hold large-scale construction of special springhouses - called buvettes. One can come across with numerous springs of healing mineral water. In order not to waste away the rich gifts of nature, Kuban resorts reinforce complex construction of drinking buvettes. A buvette (French buvette) is a balneo tech device, used to drink mineral water of the spring. It preserves the chemical composition of water and prevents its pollution. Three real buvettes operate in Sochi, located in Riviera Sochi Park, near Winter Theatre and at the territory of spa resorts in Adler. The buvettes pour Plastunskiy spring mineral water. 

Health resort treatment

Sochi health resort complex is the largest in Russia, represented by 65 health and spa resorts: sanatoriums, nursing homes and medical and health spa centers. More than 50% of all health resorts of Krasnodar Region are located in Sochi. The resorts possess highly developed treatment facilities, the best in Russian Federation. Alongside natural capacities they apply apparatus physiotherapy, diet therapy, therapeutic exercise, all kinds of hydrotherapy, massage, non conventional treatment. Our specialist using the combination of unique natural resources, traditional health resort treatment, new methods of treatment and high tech equipment, have worked out unparalleled recovery and rehabilitation complexes. Sochi is a multi purpose resort, its therapeutic base concerns cardiovascular diseases, central and peripheral nervous system, osteo articulare system, reproductive diseases, dermatology and immune allergies. In recent years Sochi resorts have deepened their specialization. Nowadays they offer treatment of respiratory diseases, digestive tract, endocrine system (in particular, thyroid problems), eyes illnesses, urinary, professional diseases, rehabilitation of citizens from high radiation zones, post-operational, post trauma keloid and hypertrophic scars treatment. There is, of course, a great deal more than this. Big resorts have worked out specialized treatment and diagnostic methods: endoecological rehabilitation ( they clear the organism on a cellular level. For the method, professor J. M. Levin was awarded the State Prize of Russia. The method focuses on natural healing factors, herbs, vitamins and bio minerals to clear the intestines and liver. It involves massage, mineral water intake, intestines irrigation, baths, Jacuzzi, physiotherapy etc), weight loss methods: “Healthy Spine”, “Anti-stress”, “Beauty and Health”, “Fresh Wind”, “Easy Gait”, “Silk Way” and others. Specialized departments were opened: monitor intestines irrigation, api therapy , hydrotherapy, reflexology, psychotherapy and relaxation, manual therapy, ozone therapy, cosmetology, ear, nose and throat department and dentistries. Nowadays Sochi can easily compete with famous health resorts of France, Belgium, Czeck republic and Italy.

The meaning of SPA

The term SPA has become very popular nowadays, SPA - a mysterious word that promises magic results. In reality it is Latin abbreviation, famous from the time of Ancient Rome, “Sanus per Aquam” which stands for health through water. Nowadays Sochi resorts offer their guests spa procedures following the only criteria - water treatment. Most importantly, the spa programs are strictly individual. You will be offered a complex of hydro massage, seawater baths or baths with mineral water of diverse capacities, manual massage, sauna, seaweed wrap, mud baths, together with the diet, therapeutic exercise and a visit to cosmetologist. Thalassic therapy. The most popular spa procedure is thalassic therapy, based on the Latin word “talassa” - meaning water. The Black Sea water has unique physical, chemical and biological features. Sochi health resorts recommend their guests bathing in the sea or in a swimming pool with sea water, baths, inhalation, gargling and washing which are especially helpful together with breathing fresh air rich for useful substances. Balneotherapy - from the Latin word balneum means bathing, another component of spa resort rest. Hydro sulfuric springs have made Sochi world famous resort. The healing capacity of the mineral water consists of hydro sulfur, iodine, bromine, fluoride and colloidal sulfur. Sochi health and spa resorts offer numerous spa, wellness and fitness services to any taste: •          Thermal-recreational centers (swimming pools and baths with sea or mineral water) •          Steam therapy (Turkish hamam, Russian banya, Rome terma) •          Thalassic therapy ( mud and seaweed compress, chocolate or honey wraps) •          Massage ( traditional, anti-cellulite, stone, Ayurveda, Thai, Tibet soap massage) •          Beauty programs (numerous peelings, masks, cleansing and other facial and body treatment procedures) and other body improvements •          Photo-aromatherapy •          Hair treatment •          Spa manicure •          Acupuncture treatment •          Fitness programs, aqua aerobics, Pilates, yoga.