Rosa Khutor Mountain Tourist Resort


Greater Caucasus Mountain Range… how do we describe its nature? Quiet, snowy peaks, flowering meadows, twilight in the forest, the cool of mountain rivers… There is no other place on the planet where you can find such a mix of four different climatic zones, crystal clear air, and a variety of mineral springs, and all of it right next to the warm Black Sea. It’s a must see for everyone!


Rosa Khutor is situated in a unique natural-climatic zone. This year-round alpine resort is ready to take on more than 10 500 guests daily. Our mission — to create a comfortable and safe space for recreation, sport and a healthy lifestyle in a unique place in Russia. Rosa Khutor is a prestigious resort that is nonetheless open to all. It is easily accessible via various transport options and offers a wide variety of activities for guests of different ages and families with children. And it of course offers a myriad of opportunities for outdoor entertainment surrounded by the beautiful mountains... It’s sure to be worth it!


Rosa Khutor is not only fun for sport; it’s also a place where sport blends harmoniously with rest and relaxation. French, Italian, Bavarian or local — which cuisine will you choose after a great time on the slopes or a summer walk? A high-class restaurant at an altitude of 2,320 meters or a bar & grill by the river? Or will you first relax at our spa? Will you indulge in inspired shopping or yoga at the top of the mountain? Or maybe our exciting nightlife? We say try everything!


Rosa Khutor is perfect for family holidays. It offers cozy hotels by the side of the river Mzymta, children’s clubs, ski and snowboard instructors and activities. Here your children will be able to try out winter sports for the first time and gain confidence on the slopes in safety and comfort. If you want a change from the slopes, you can enjoy our skating rink. Either way you will come away with special memories to share with your loved ones.


Rosa Khutor’s welcoming ambience make it a great place for holding meetings or making of new friends. Expert skiers and beginners alike will find everything they need to enjoy a wonderful holiday with plenty of time to relax and make fun memories! Rosa Khutor is a popular choice for international companies to hold shows, celebrations and getaways. You are likely to spot celebrities in the friendly atmosphere of our restaurants, hotels and spas. Come share this atmosphere of fun and relaxation!


The European ski map now has one more must-see resort. Located just 40 minutes from an international airport, it offers wonderful pistes with various levels of difficulty, length and vertical drop. The snow here is unique, with the combination of seaside air and clear river water making it extra soft and lush. Rosa Khutor also boasts one of the largest artificial snow systems in Europe. In addition, it offers high-speed gondola lifts, a constantly expanding network of trails and an advanced safety system. Oh, and most importantly, the ski season at Rosa Khutor lasts up to 140 days a year!


Rosa Khutor allows you to test your limits. The slopes of Aibga have been a Mecca of freeriding for 40 years. Today, advanced infrastructure has made this unique place accessible to both beginners and experts. Rosa Khutor takes part in major sporting events such as the Freeride World Tour. Experts love Rosa Khutor for its modern safety system, avalanche monitoring, and infrastructure, including a unique «airbag» for landing and The Stash by Burton, only ecological snow park in Russia.


Only three years ago, it would have been hard to imagine the map of Rosa Khutor would look like this. But today, the resort has 77 km of pistes, and the area is constantly expanding thanks to the construction of new infrastructure. In the following years the length of the pistes will be about 100 km. You can find mobile applications with a detailed map of the pistes and other services in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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