Gazprom Mountain Tourist Center

An all-season family resort with an area of 800 hectares surrounded by the fabulous Caucasus mountains, the Gazprom Alpine Tourist Center offers all the possibilities both for recreation and for holding events at any level: from concerts and business meetings to competitions and forums with international standing.

Downhill skiing

The resort boasts 23 ski runs at all levels of difficulty: for beginners – green and blue, and for experienced downhill skiers – red and black. The runs begin at altitudes of 1660 and 1440 meters and are famous for their ideal “velvet” snow – special attention is paid for preparing the slopes for skiing. The resort’s runs are also convenient because of their width – up to 66 meters. Even if there are many skiers on the slope, everyone has enough room for their descent. And what is very important – the runs are safe. They are located on a plateau, so there is no risk of avalanches.

You can ski not only during the day, but also in the evening. Prepared runs, special lighting, starry skies, and the mysterious outlines of majestic peaks: evening skiing is a real romance in the mountains.

Many people rightly consider the Gazprom Alpine Tourist Center to be a family resort and the best place to learn to ski. Professional instructors will help you get started on skis and snowboards and improve your technique. The resort has a special slope open for children equipped with beautiful mock skiing figures and a travelator – a moving walkway on which children can go up the slope with their parents or an instructor.

The Gazprom Alpine Tourist Center is the only resort in Krasnaya Polyana that offers its guests not only downhill skiing, but cross-country skiing as well. Moreover, not just anywhere, but on the famous track of the Laura Biathlon & Ski Complex, where Russian athletes won gold medals at the 2014 Sochi Games!


It’s great to spend your vacation at the Gazprom Alpine Tourist Center at any time of the year. In summer, you can climb mountains, stroll through alpine meadows, do Nordic walking, sign up for horseback riding, arrange ATV rides or bike rides along forest paths or the beautiful promenade, play tennis and relax by the outdoor pool. In winter, you can do snowboarding, downhill or cross-country skiing, arrange fun snow tubing and real go-kart races in the mountains at an altitude of 1440 meters, ride dog sleds and go snowshoeing to the snow-white peaks.

If you want to pamper yourself, you are welcome to visit the Chandelle Blanche Medi SPA & Beauty Lounge at the Grand Hotel Polyana or the spa center at the Peak Hotel.

If you have children you should definitely visit the Social and Cultural Center Galaxy. It is the only water park in Krasnaya Polyana with an outdoor heated pool overlooking the mountains. Kids will love the Africa Playground, while parents will love the water slides, jacuzzi, Finnish sauna and Turkish bath. You can learn to skate at the ice arena, and at the interactive children’s clubs Umnikum and Cosmodrome, you can find out your weight on other planets, construct a magnetic bridge without nails or coverings, conduct physics experiments and go on a virtual journey across the Galaxy. It also offers the usual entertainment – bowling, billiards and movie theaters.


At the Gazprom Alpine Tourist Center, you can not only relax surrounded by magnificent nature, you can also improve your health: a medical center has opened at the resort and special programs for spa treatments have been developed. Experienced doctors will select a wellness program specially for you.

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Sochi’s health resorts have attracted vistiors from all over Russia ever since Soviet times. And while a few years ago it was almost impossible to get access to the nation’s health resorts, today you simply need to purchase a tour on the internet to get to the city of “dark nights” to improve your health.


Spectacular events, world festivals and must-see entertainment – all this is available in the city of the “black nights.” Every year, visitors to Sochi can attend Formula 1 races, the Kinotavr film festival, the Velvet Seasons fashion show, the KVN comedy and improvisation festival, the Sochi International Jazz festival, the New Wave international young performers competition, the Yuri Bashmet Winter International Arts Festival, the Young Ballet of the World competition, the Theatrical Olympus festival and many others.   For all these events, Sochi has the largest venues equipped to the world’s most modern standards: the legendary Winter Theater, the Organ and Chamber Music Hall, and the Sirius, Festival and Roza Hall concert halls. It is difficult to imagine a cultural event that has not happened or will not happen in Sochi! The Air Show, the Balloon Festival, the World Fireworks Championship, an ultra-modern show of lighting technologies, the majestic multimedia show Revived Park in the Southern Cultures Park have all been held here, along with repeated performances of the famous Cirque du Soleil. The holiday city provides a generous supply of vivid impressions every day and all year round. Take it from us, you can’t miss THIS!

Sochi Mineral Waters

One of Sochi’s true treasures is its mineral waters. The therapeutic effect of these waters lies in the combination of chemical trace elements. The water can be used both naturally and after processing. Almost all the mineral water in Sochi is characterised by the following features: a relatively low level of mineralisation (1.2–7g/l); therapeutically significant concentrations of boron and fluorine; and the presence of a number of biologically active components such as iron, bromine and silicon.   The high fluorine content of Sochi’s mineral waters means that it can be recommended for the treatment and prevention of dental caries, as well as for the active removal of radionuclides and heavy metal salts from the body.  The type and chemical composition of water, as well as the method of intake (before, after or between meals), temperature, and the presence or absence of gases have significance for various diseases. The various drinking waters used for therapeutic purposes in Sochi’s health spas are all prescribed by doctors. The most popular water sources in Sochi are Volkonskoye, Mamayskoye, Plastunskoye and Chvizhepse. Volkonskoye is located in the valleys of the Tsuskhvadzh and Chudo-Krasotka rivers in Sochi’s Lazarevsky District. Water is extracted from a depth of 250–550 metres. Consuming the water improves adaptation processes in cells, increases the body’s immune system, and improves the regeneration processes of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. The water also promotes the elimination of radionuclides and heavy metals from the body, normalises the metabolism, and helps increase the body’s overall muscle tone and resistance to illness. Mamayskoye is also located in Sochi’s Lazarevsky District, in the valley of the Mamayka river. Extraction of water from this source began in 1982. Mamaysky water promotes the regeneration of the gastric mucosa, lowers cholesterol, stimulates the process of haematopoiesis and cell metabolism, normalises blood viscosity, improves calcium metabolism, normalises the biosynthesis of thyroid hormones, stimulates nonspecific immunity, and promotes the elimination of radionuclides and pesticides from the body.      Plastunsky is located in Sochi’s Khostinsky District, north of the village of Plastunka.  The source was opened in 1971 and the water is extracted from a depth of 550 metres. When used as a drinking cure, the water promotes the regeneration of the mucous membranes in the stomach and intestines and the elimination of radionuclides, pesticides and heavy metal salts from the body, normalises redox and metabolic processes, and improves the body’s overall muscle tone and resistance to illness.  Chvizhepse is located in Sochi’s Adler District. The water here is extracted from a depth of 700 metres and helps with blood circulation, the regulation of tissue respiration, redox processes, and the regeneration of the gastric mucosa. When bottled, it is sold under the names “Medvezhy Ugol” and “Mountain Spring.” Mineral Water Drinking Fountains To ensure that as many guests as possible can reap the beneficial effects of Sochi’s mineral waters, the city’s authorities have installed mineral water drinking fountains across the city – something that is completely new in health spa treatment. The richest sources of this elixir can be found in the Riviera Park near the Winter Theatre, and in the resort town of Adler. The fountains are filled with Plastunsky mineral water.